TSN : Karikari re-signs with Als

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Montreal Alouettes' vice president and general manager Jim Popp announced today that CFL All-Star free safety Richard Karikari signed a two-year contract plus an option with the Alouettes.

Karikari begins his fourth CFL season, all with the Alouettes. He had a career year in 2005, starting 16 of the 17 games he played in and finishing second in the CFL with nine interceptions for 188 yards and a touchdown. He recorded 43 defensive tackles, four special teams tackles, and one knockdown on top of forcing three fumbles en route to being named an East Division and CFL All-Star. He is 26.

The signing of Karikari means that every Alouette free agent from 2005 that was offered a contract will return this season.

ok, this must be said.


I knew putting all our clips on one guy would end in tears. We need a better management, but frist thing is frist...

ok, Winnipeg, now what are we gonna do?

we still have Kahari as a possible QB signing, and who else?

a true world class A** hole.

..... this is, in my mind, not far from what Flory did a while back with the Als and Riders.....and I still like watching Flory, and I'm sure I'll still enjoy watching Karikari.....it doesn't make it right, but the past shows this isn't an isolated incident.....

I can't remember: who was it--Jason Tucker?--who signed a deal with the Renegades last year, and then had it voided so he could stay with Edmonton? That's an A-hole.

Karikari was a subject in a bidding war, and made no promises to either team. He went with the highest bidder. It happens all the time, and is the nature of free agency. I get ticked off when we lose players, because I feel like they're snubbing us. But Winnipeg didn't lose Karikari, because they never had him. That the organization and the fans had already begun relying on his presence in their secondary is not his fault.

Flory did something similar with Sask/Montreal a couple years back, too....

Didnt Flory sign than get traded?

He agreed verbally with Montreal, then signed with Saskatchewan, then changed his mind so was then traded back to Montreal - I think they gave up a draft pick for him or something.

It always make me wonder why teams anounce a player "WILL"sign .
They should only anounce when signed

Ed Hervey did this to Ottawa last year! No Hervey sucks shirts though! Sorry Rider fans!

Hervey! That's right. Thanks.

....Karkari...was looking out for Karikari...he comes across as a little naive in the bargaining game... but.his agent was very shrewd...while Richard looked confused... or so it seemed....but what it comes down to is this...the Bombers didn't really lose anything...because they never really had him...Montreal probably paid too much to keep him....but that's football..His comments about not being loved by the Don will probably come back to haunt him....and as soon as they can replace him (Proulx is almost ready)...he and his big contract will be dumped ....and that Richard. my friend....is part of the game of football... :lol:

This crying we are witnessing is alot like last year with another player and team. But hey at least the teams fans last year had a reason to be upset! You have to sign a player befoe you dress him in your teams colors.