TSN-Jay Onreit

Late Friday night on TSN Sportscentre, Jay Onreit made repeated facetious comments about how "exciting" the Grey Cup is on a "special weekend Grey Cup report" which included absolutely no information about the game, the festivities, the teams, nothing, until the 35 minute mark of the broadcast. Previous to that, Mark Cohon's comments about the possibility of the NFL in Toronto, and previous to that, the pitiful Leafs. OMG, how are the Leafs doing? Never mind the Grey Cup, what about Matty? The Toronto-centric TSN and twits like Onreit are a bigger impediment to the future of the CFL than landing an NFL franchise in TO. The Grey Cup isn't exciting because the Argos aren't in it? What a shameful presentation on the eve of the most important weekend in Canadian pro sport. Jay Onreit, B.S.N. Sports.

It is sad but what you say is true hudfog. I feel sorry for the Argo fans that are trying to get something going.

Jay Onrait is my Favourite TSN guy. And i have no idea what your complaining about.

Living in Hamilton, where what we call "local" media is actually an afterthought of the Toronto media, it's sad to see how TV and newspapers are attempting to paint this game -- and in fact this whole week -- as unexciting. The sports section of the Hamilton Spectator (owned by the Toronto Star) didn't even mention the CFL until page 7, after all the NFL stories were covered.

I'm excited about this Grey Cup game, more than I have been in a couple of years, and yet watching the news makes me feel like I'm the only one who cares. I had to come on here to remind myself that that is far from the case!

Ignore the media, make your way to Toronto and you'll see... the CFL is doing just fine in Toronto.

I think the CFL fans are the silent majority in Toronto.

TSN saved this league with all their efforts of Friday night football over the past few years and just got awarded the 2008 Grey Cup. I don't know how that makes them shameful? You're terribly wrong on this one.

The silent majority is a Force to be reckoned with. The NFL belongs in the USA.

Riderzfan, thanks for indicating your Onrait fan worship and just not understanding what I was talking about, despite the post which exactly described it. What you don't "know" won't hurt you. For the rest...with TSN taking over CFL broadcast rights, it's likely there'll be some attempt to provide more generous coverage. But Toronto is Toronto. Tune into Sportscentre and if the Argos aren't involved in the story, it gets bumped down in the line-up past the Leafs and the equally woeful Raptors so that the rest of the country's sports fans have to wait for news of their teams' exploits. CFL? So what, if Matty scored a goal? Toronto Sports Network.

Whats WRONG is speaking about anything, for any length, other than the Grey Cup game this weekend. Especially the NFL and the Leafs. And these same media types on all our networks and in all the papers are suggesting that the CFL and Grey Cup arent what they used to be. You dont have to look very far to see why. Same great game, new dimwit analysis. How I long for 1966.


Why is the focus on Jay Onrait? I doubt he is the one planning the layout of the program. He is just the commentator. Don't shoot the messenger..