TSN is ruining the games

Just about every game from now on will be HD. Check the TSN site.

Addressing a number of issues that have come up in this thread:

Ro, I gotta disagree with you. CBC's decision to only cover games after Labour Day began years ago, with their excuse being the high cost of Olympic coverage pretty much drained the CBC Sports budget.

As for me, I'm seeing a lot MORE HD this year than last; since I got HD just in time for last year's Grey Cup (the timing was coincidental, I assure you :wink:)

I hate missing plays because of commercials; that's a snafu on TSN's part. If anyone isn't sure whether the number of ads has increased, think back a few years. Remember "Live at the Quarter"? After the first and third quarter they'd go to the panel to discuss what was going on; with no commercials at all. Now they show commercials, followed by a minute or two of the commentators giving their opinions.

But most of the commentators are good. Rod Black has stopped mentioning the Argos after every play in games where they aren't playing, though I'm sure that's just because they aren't winning right now. And I'd take Cuthbert/Suitor over Lee/Walby any day.

StatiK is right; the CFL is not going to have the same number of camera angles and quality of replays as the NFL has. The money just isn't there. That's a small sacrifice, though, when you're watching the best game on the planet! :rockin:

i hate tsn hd, i have a 50 some inch tv and on the commercials they make it only like 30 inches wide so when im watchiung the game and a commercial comes on the commercial looks really small but ya they play the RBK commercial and the baconator a minimum of 3 times a break it seems like

The commercials are smaller because they are not in HD. And the commercials are repetitive because they are, after all, sponsors.