TSN is ruining the games

  • I don't need to see 5 mins worth of commercials everytime that the ball changes possesion. Not only does it drive me nuts while watching the games on tv it drives me totally nuts when I am at the game live. It breaks any fan momentum all the time it sucks

  • Rod Black needs to stick to doing figure skating, he is horrible doesn't know anything about the game.

Sorry had to rant

ok. here's some news for you.

the NFL does this just as bad.. shocked?

and Rod Black is fine.. shut up and quit your whining!

TSN sucks! For the 3rd game in a row, an Alouttes game that was scheduled to be in HD (on this CFL sight) was not! TSN HD better get their shit together! HD means actually showing games in HD. I knew it! I knew that when TSN stole games from CBC that they would short change us. EVERY CFL game on CBC the last 2 years was in HD!

You have to check the TSN site. Each of those 3 games did not show HD on the TSN site.

Holly crap I didn't know Rod Was your dad, no need to tell me to shut up, if you don't like what I have to say you don't need to post anything.

Game still has to fit into 3 hours. It would be interesting to get imperical data of average number of minutes of commercials last year compared to this year to see if it's perception or reality. Agree that it FEELS like more this year and would add contention to the complaint that plays are being missed because commercials run too long.

But anyways, I ain't complaining. At least I get to see (most of) a football game!

Well, if you read ro's topic, it doesn't really matter if we're being shown more commercials or not because we're still missing plays.

If enough people send complaints to TSN, they might at least attempt to be more vigilant - emphasis on "might".

I'll ride the fence here, I'm glad we have TSN in this country, a network that wants to carry CFL games and put up the best price to do so. But always room for improvement without a doubt. Commercials are a must though guys unless you want PPV.

I like Black myself, don't know what his favourite sport is but he seems to be enthusiastic in his unique own subtle way with each.

I agree... Its just too bad they come off as super amateurish sometimes, the commercials are too much man. You cant have a commercial EVERY 3 plays its just not right and takes away the pace from the game. I dont ever recall it being this bad. You know their pushing it when they go to break for ONE just one commercial.

I thought I was the only one who thought there were way too many commercials but it seems like after every single play. I almost prefer to record the game on PVR and watch it later so I can skip the commercials.

tsn is so much greater than CBC, so bite your tongue
games took so long last nite due to injuries and penalties

Glen Suitor is a horrible commentator. He adds no insight into the strategy of the game, and just says the obvious. Think he's watching a different game sometimes.
Even Walby is soemtimes sharper. Danny Mac doesn't look comfortable in the commentators' booth, or the pocket.

Lancaster, and Jamie Bone were the best.

Here is the fact - TSN saved the CFL.

Prior to them getting involved - you had the CBC coverage - with poor (very poor) production value and commentators who seemed to feel it was there job to attack everything they could about the league (I recall Brian Williams before a Grey Cup, regarding the back room arrangements regarding Mass going to the Cats - he called the CFL bush league - like back room deals don't happen in the NFL. And he did this before the championship game - idiot).

CBC claims this great tradition exist between the network and the league - however they decided, when times became tough, to only show games after labour day (once a week).

TSN jumped, improved coverage, commentary that ONLY dealt with the game on the field and increased the leagues exposure to levels it had never had. the resurgence of our great leagues has TSN to thank - so long CBC - bush league in every way - I can't understand how anyone could whine about TSN's treatment of the CFL

Why does everyone make it out to be this big TSN vs CBC battle? The problem is not so black and white.

the camera angles are poor, the number of cameras is worse, the replays (if any) are often botched (which is hilarious that we allow game-altering calls to be made off of them), commercials override plays from time to time, the graphics appear to have been made with crayons, the HD broadcast isn't actually HD all the time ... However, i enjoy our commentators. its always been like that. If you want a polished multi-million dollar football broadcast, watch the NFL. Otherwise, soak it up - its not going to change anytime soon.

However, I agree, it sure seems to feel like there is a lot less HD games this year, compared to last year. Which REALLY s^cks. Watching a CFL broadcast on TSNs standard definition reminds me of playing 8bit Nintendo. It may just be me - but it sure feels like there has been less HD this season.


I beg to differ.

TSN bought the rights to all the games and only sold the games after labour day to CBC

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