TSN is looking for your Grey Cup stories

From TSN:

Calling all CFL fans! With the 100th GREY CUP on the horizon, TSN is asking fans for their favourite anecdotes and special memories involving the CFL’s championship trophy as Canada’s Sports Leader shares the country’s stories of how the Grey Cup reflects Canadians in all walks of life.

Fans with a special connection to the Cup can send their story to GreyCupStories@TSN.ca. These stories may be used as part of TSN’s extensive coverage of the 100th GREY CUP and the network’s specially commissioned series of original documentaries celebrating this year’s historic edition of the CFL’s championship game.

TSN is the official broadcaster of the CFL in Canada with all 77 CFL games including the playoffs and the 100th GREY CUP on Sunday, Nov. 25 in Toronto.

I vividly recall the playing of the 1972 Grey Cup game in Hamilton where our own Ticats
hosted the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Hamilton won this game 13 to 10 on a last minute
field goal by Ian Sunter.

Along with Garney Hernley and Angelo Mosca, many of our old time favourite players
were in this game from both teams.

My wife, who is not a football fan obediently accommodated me as she attended her
first and only football game. We had good seats and were positioned next to three very
friendly guys from Quebec City. One guy (Jacques) asked my wife, ""Excuse me,
madam, what do your fans mean when they say, "Oski wee wee, Oski no no?"

My wife, being the astute football intellect that she is, (This was her first game ever) had to pose
the same question to me. I think I missed 3 or 4 plays as I tried in vain at first, to explain to these
fellows that we were reciting a well known cheer, cherished for years by devout Ticat fans.
"Oskie wee wee, Oskie wa wa, Tigers, eat em raw!"

The hilarity continued as these three Francophones, French accents and all, tried several
times throughout this great game to recite our beloved Ticat cheer.

Aside from Hamilton winning the Grey Cup on their home turf that year, the friendliness
and good nature of three nice guys from Quebec City was indeed a highlight of that game for me.

Aaaah drinking a pint of Guinness out of the Grey Cup at The Duke and Duchess in Cambridge after one of my HS team mates won the GC a few years back, he played on a team that I refuse to name 8) Do you think TSN will show the video of me drinking a pint of Guinness out of the GC? I don't think so :lol:

I need to drink a pint of Guinness out of the GC after the Ticats win it sometime and my life will be complete :smiley:

I went to the grey cup in ottawa in 88 I think. Then we went to hull, don't remember much after that.

The year was 2007. We were in Toronto. It was our first Grey Cup. On the Saturday we were hoping to attend the parade. Turns out none had been planned. The word got around quickly that there would not be one. It also spread just as fast to meet at a specific corner. Shortly after arriving hundreds of CFL fans showed up. Led by the Argonotes band and the Saskatchewan band our make shift parade began to march down the streets of TO by the convention center, up around the then Skydome to the back of the convention center. Our make shift parade displayed the true spirit of the fans of the CFL who joined together without concern for the team they cheer for. It was such an enjoyable time as the people on the streets of the city cheered and enjoyed the great spirit shown by those who marched in our parade. Just as the CFL promotion says " Our Country, Our Game" that day it was “Our League, Our Parade”. It is a day we’ll never forget.

How bout this one, I had a dream Cats were in the Grey Cup in 2012.

  1. Grey Cup was in Toronto and my dad and I went. Calgary was playing Winnipeg (Flutie vs. Dunigan). We're walking around downtown T.O. and we see numerous Calgary fans wearing their red and white and cowboy hats. After a while, my dad goes up to this one cowboy and says "Hey! Where's your horse?" to wit he responded, "It's in the stables right now. Cost me $5000 to bring it here!" So we both look at this cowboy like 'ya right, you brought your horse' and cowboy goes on to tell us that yes indeed, he brought his horse to Toronto and that the day before he was riding it in the lobby of the Royal York! (We think cowboy is certifiably crazy now). Then cowboy says, "if you don't believe me, go check out the Sun, we're on the front cover!" My dad and I walk away from this crazy person, and we come upon a newspaper stand so we had to find out. Was this cowboy really on the front page of the Sun? Yep, there he was! Horse on its hind legs in the lobby of the Royal York. We couldn't believe our eyes. Unfortunately we didn't buy the paper. But it's still one of those unforgettable stories.