TSN Is Killing International CFL Broadband

Last season CFL Broadband made all games available for international fans - both live and as archived games.

This season not only are international fans not been given the chance to see all the games, but TSN are not bothering to place the games in the archive section after the game.

Why should we wait two or more days before the games are made available through the archives!!!

Is it TSNs intent to kill of CFL Broadband for international fans!!!

I doubt that. If they make the games available in the archive too soon after the live game people would just wait and watch the game for much less. I know I would, but instead I pay the piper and shell out $11 for the live game. I have no regrets. It's worth it to me, though getting it to work properly on a Mac is a bit of a challenge (at least it works this year though).

I wish it was just a question of money, but its not. I love watching the games live, but it is not always possible with work and all. Also I would like to watch some of the games with my son so that he will get to know the game too. This is not possible to do live due to the time difference of 6 hours.

Last year if I missed a game I had to wait no more than a day. But now its more than 3 and counting. The longer it goes the less likely one is to watch the game. Less games viewed means less money for the cfl which may lead to another reduced in international services next season.

Bummer Cfl. Do you have any friends in Canada? You could get them a Slingbox so you can watch the game from their tv :slight_smile: You would also be able to have them record it and play it back later.

I agree with you that taking too long to archive them if a bad thing. It should be a day tops. Maybe they'll get it together soon.

the CFL or TSN needs to do 1 simple change.

Allow people to sign up to a yearly Game access deal.

something like 100-150$ for full access for all games over the course of a year(May to May).

Full access to all CFL coverage, that would be work right? and I have no problems as these people are paying fans, unlike those who complain because they think paying a few dollars to watch a game is too much.

I like to complain about not having access(if I don't) as I'm a season ticket holder, thus if I want to review a game, I feel I have a right.
So if International fans do something similar that's fine, and it helps fans who are in area's with no TV access to the CFL(so no North american TV really)

This would rock barnes. I'd sign up for that in a heartbeat.

Finally 5 days late but the games are now available via archive.

I Agree a season pass is the only sensible solution and would save a lot of time and trouble from having to create individual accounts / payments for each game.

Maybe one day they will listen.

Though worth it, the price of $11 per game really upsets me. After all, it only cost me $19.95 for my MLS season package. I want to keep up with the CFL after Comcast Philadelphia stops showing the games once the NFL and college seasons begin, but at that price I will have to pick and choose my games wisely.

I was a consistant purchaser of CFL broadband games during the 2006 season. However the link from the CFL.ca broadband page for 2007 games, takes me to the tsn home page, and after using the search engine and scouring the site, cannot find archived 2007 games. I want to re-watch the Riders 49-8 win over Calgary. I have been in contact with a couple of my friends with the same query, and no-one has had any luck finding it.

Further comment I would like to add on the new site design is that compared to the old site it's brutal at bandwidth efficiency. Even with an extreme speed DSL connection, the average fan's site experience is a considerable downgrade from the previous one. It's too bad because I think the CFL had done a very good job for several years with site content.

I posted this in its own thread. And it was quickly removed.... hmmm suggestions issues and critisism of cfl.ca does not seem to be welcome on these message boards.

This is not necessarily true. I would love to watch the gamaes live. However, I can't. The internet connection I have to deal with is incredibly slow and unless I want to take 14 hours to watch a 3 hour game 3 seconds at a time, I have to record the link with some capture software I had to pay $50 for. I tried doing this with the live feed on Sunday for the Rider game and what I got was a jumble of plays about 3 mintes apart because it had to keep reconnecting and every time it did that it started recording from where the feed was at that time. I then had to pay another $4 to get the archived game which I had no problems with as it was a complete file of a given size. The moral of the story is, I would gladly pay $11 per game, but as it is I will only be able to pay $4.

I actually emailed CFL.ca about this and they never replied. I would probably be willing to pay as much as they asked since if I were at home I would have season tickets. Unfortunately they never got back to me.

Just click on the international link rather than the canadian link. The archived game has been up since monday. You will have to pay $4 for it, but I have paid $15 for it and it was more than worth it for the highlight plays. You could just watch the highlights too. Ther are pretty fun.

Go Riders!!

The slow archives are a pain, but what's worse is that CFL Broadband doesn't even list this weekend's Edmonton / Winnipeg game on their Upcoming Games page.

I don't know if they're carrying it or not, which is a bummer because I was gonna take that afternoon off work so that I could watch Milt break the touchdown record live!

I've emailed insinc at an address where I've had luck with support issues in the past -- hope they set things straights soon! It'll be a pain to have to wait for a torrent of that game to show up somewhere...

I feel your pain. I won't be able to see Esks/Bomber game at all since Comcast isn't showing it and it's not on broadband. Could it be that that game isn't televised at all? I maybe have to resort to listening on radio if it's not.

What sort of quality are the broadband games ? Are they decent resolution ?

They were excellent up until the season started if you had a dsl connection and used the upgraded "super player" option. But now it is useless for 2007 games until cfl and tsn get it fixed. This is so typical of TSN giving the CFL second class status. I wish the league could strike a deal with Sportsnet and get rid of the second class network tsn.

I'm not exactly sure of the resolution. The sound and motion are decent, it's not a crappy slideshow like the TSN highlights are -- but when I fullscreen it on my 15" laptop and sit close, I can see jaggies and artifacts. Still a lot better than the radio stream, though.

Esks and Bombers has been added for tonight! I get to see this cause the game isn't on tv down here in Raider land, but the Lions and Roughies game is. This means I'll see BOTH of tonight's games!

Pennw: The resolution is decent, depending on your internet connection. If you have a very high speed one then you should get a pretty good, full-screen (800x600 I think) picture.

If you're on a Mac it works this year but you MUST use the ancient WMP plug-in.

I can zoom my screen so I just queue it up then zoom in to full screen. It's pretty decent! If you can't zoom try lowering the resolution of your monitor.

Edit: Bleh, I just noticed that above the listing (in the International section) it's says the Esks and Bombers game is blacked out in the US :frowning: This is confusing because it is listed as available in the dated list.

Ok, I watched a game on broadband . It was better than I expected for picture quality. I have cable internet so bandwidth wasn't a problem.
A couple of problems I did get were when the screen saver came on it went back to a small picture from full screen but the button to go to full screen had disappeared. This happened twice . The first time the picture had frozen and I had to restart it to get it going.
Next time I'll have to turn off the screen saver first.