TSN is finally on Roku

For those who care, the TSN App is now FINALLY on the Canadian Roku channel store!!!
If you have a Roku and you stream TSN and the CFL you understand what a big deal this is!


We were at a cottage resort a few weeks ago that had a TV with a Roku Box. This thing had like 1000 channels but there was no way to watch the Ti-Cats at Stamps game. I ended up streaming it through a laptop.

This is great news. Thanks for the heads up.


However you get TSN, there's live football on tonight at 7:00, which might include Nathan Rourke's younger brother, Kurtis, at QB for the Ohio Bobcats, hosting Bowling Green in a battle for the MAC East Division title. The younger Rourke, suffered a knee injury, in a game a week ago, but hasn't, from what I can find, been ruled out for tonight.

Later added update, as the game starts -- Rourke is not playing.


If Nathan sign with a an NFL team, he will never face his brother if Kurtis plays in the CFL when he's not

During the Ohio / Bowling Green telecast, Kurtis Rourke reported, in an interview, that his injury has been diagnosed as a torn ACL. Nevertheless, his back up was impressive, leading the Bobcats to a 25 point victory for their division title.