TSN Is Doing It Right But Wright STill Blew It.i

Although I still think they got the CFL rights for relative peanuts, TSN is giving the cFL the priority coverage it deserves on its website and network.

Used to be you;d go to TSN.ca or watch Sportsdesk, and the main stories would be baseball and the NBA. Even though TSN dumped baseball because of lousy ratings, and barely carried any NBA because of even worse ratings. The CFL would be at the end or on non game days ignored completely.

Now you get CFL news on off days, and the actual games are given top page coverage. And the CFL is given great coverage on the website. Which has translated to even bigger TV ratings.

But while things look good, I heard Mark Cohon on radio this week say that when Ottawa joins the league, the 15 million they get will be split between the ten teams. And if another team joins, it will be split 11 ways

Why wouldn't Wright have negotiated a clause to increase the TV money if more teams came into the league is beyond me? After all more teams mean more interest meaning bigger ratings for TSN.

Instead more teams joining the league hurts the other CFL teams financially. While benefitting only TSN. Lets hope Cohon doesn't get hoodwinked in the next TV negotiations.

With 9 teams there will be 81 games...there are 72 games now with 8 teams. I would be surprised if they didn't negotiate an increase in TV revenue for the extra 9 games?

But, I don't think the CFL was hoodwinked. The owners wanted the games off CBC, even if it meant less income for the league. Global or any other potential bidder offers much less in terms of sports exposure compared what TSN can deliver. The proof is in the pudding and the league's decision to go with TSN looks like a wise one.

Considering the impressive CFL TV ratings and compared to other sports leagues rights fees (NHL, NFL in Canada) the CFL should be getting much more revenue. Now, CFL teams only get about 10% of their total revenue from TV & national sponsorships, so it's not that big of deal either way.

The deal is done. I'm not defending it as I had as little to do with it as you did. But please start looking forward, not backward. If you are going to look backwards, at least look at it without the 20/20 vision we have now. At the time of the deal, CFL numbers were only beginning to climb and there was no certainty they would continue. The price, in part, reflected that uncertainty. A large part of whether numbers continued to climb were up to TSN itself (your own post essentially states this - they do a good job, they get better numbers) - let them reap the rewards of their improved product as much as the improved product on the field. That's what investing is: up front capital costs for future returns. They are getting a return on their investment over the last five-ten years of producing a better television show for the CFL.

But the main point I want to make is that the same applies to the CFL. It first has to invest and prove that it has a sustainable, marketable product. Then the rewards come, not the other way around. And there is always a lag (like there has been for TSN). The CFL will reap its rewards for its hard work and improved product next deal.

As for your last paragraph, if that was true, why would a league even let more teams join then? That statement is just wrong. Please take it back and we'll pretend we never saw it.

I'm still wonderong who the 10th team will be when Ottawa joins.

TSN might have a contract to be the exclusive broadcaster and the right to broadcast up to 72 games. If this is the case, there isn't a direct benefit to the extra 9 un-broadcast games after expansion. You're making a lot of assumptions to conclude that the CFL is getting screwed or Wright screwed up.

IMO, that is why further expansion of the NFL is highly unlikely. More teams means a smaller piece of the TV pie for all the existing owners. But the CFL needs more teams (one or two spares in case a franchise folds) so it doesn't apply to the CFL.

As I see it, the expansion fees compensates the other teams for about 4 years of lost TV revenue.

$15 million split 10 ways (9 teams and the league) is $1.5 million per team. $1.5 million a year for 4 years is $6 million. The expansion fee is $6 million. So it is a wash. The expansion fee is paying back (in advance) 4 years of TV revenue from a contract negotiated/earned by the existing teams. The exisiting teams don't lose a cent over the first 4 years.

The CFL could basically give teams away for free, with the condition that the expansion team doesn't share in TV revenue for 4 years. But if they did that, the Gleiberman's would probably want 2 :smiley:

TSN is doing an excellent job on their game coverage and update news. Treir glossy packege compares to that other league. It helps that scoring is up and the game is exciting also. The CFL is a bargain compared to the nhl. :thup:

A+ coverage by TSN. No doubt about it. First Class.

I actually really enjoy their panel talks too.

how come the CFL shows are only on the internet?