TSN = Infomercial channel

The amount of commercials is absolutely ridiculous. I understand they need to make some money, but when there is literally more commercials than football, something is wrong. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to complain to the CRTC as any channel that plays more commercials than programming would be reclassified as an infomercial channel, not a sports channel.

Am I wrong here?

I haven't noticed to be honest... I'm only half watching.

I just wish they'd have more variety!

i'm so sick of that mastercard commercial..

they seem to have 4 commercials they keep repeating!

the RBC commercial with the extra long legged guy.

like, have more!!

I agree, way to many comercials....I was at the game today and its quite annoying when they are all standing around waiting for the comercials to end.....

As for the CRTC.....I guess you didn't hear that they just authorised another 2 or 3 minutes of commercials per hour in prime time

Solution: PVR it and watch it a tad latter while skipping some of the commercials...I know that is not easy to do.

If I saw that Scotia Bank Comm one more time I was going to slit my wrists!!

Commercials are pathetic!

I agree. I hate them. They are so stupid. It is 7:44 and I just finished watching the Stamps game. I watched it on my PVR. Take that you stupid TSN Sponsers!

I agree, I am thinking of closing my Scotia account. I don't want to see another Scotia Bank in a long time! (lol)

You do know that if not for those sponsors, the games would not have been televised

I had a buffalo dipped chicken sandwich from Wendy's this morning in my hungover stupor. It was delicious.

I had one the other day, looked NOTHING like the commercial, I was robbed :thdn:

I know the commercials repeat a million time but have you ever been to or watched an NFL game?

They go to commercial after every kickoff, after every TD, after every FG, after every change of possession, after everytimeout, after every injury and after every challenge.

Being at an NFL game is the worst because there are so many commercials. The CFL may be boring with repeat commercials but at least they don't go to a break every 5 seconds!

That's what I dia all year long with the exception of the playoff games. You PVR it and if you skip throught the half time banter, you can watch the game in two hours or less.

Unfortunately football in general has WAY TOO MANY commercials. I don't understand why it can't be like hockey and do it at spicific points each quater.NHL games have three commercial breaks per period at league mandated spots (6 minute mark, 10 minute mark and 14 minute mark. Unless a team is on a power play or an icing) each period.

By the end of the game, with the commercials a game is between about 3.25 to 3.5 hours. That IMHO is a bit too long especially when the CFL is more of a faster paced version of the game compared to the NFL (whose games with commercials run about the same length), when it comes to the game clock running more often.

BTW, i noticed alot of people hating on the Scotia Bank commercial and that's fine because one, IT'S A HOCKEY related commercial! What ever happened to those football ones? You know the one of the guy crumpling up paper into a ball and wanting his co worker to dive for the half yard pass. Or the one where two guys are about to give the office prude a gatorade shower only to have her say "don't" while she's typing something?

Those were funny!

Yes. I understand the concept and reasons for commercials. I expect you'd give me more credit than that.

That does not change the fact that I hate them and fast forward through EVERY chance I get. I will even Rewind the live tv and watch replays or the last 3 mins just to skip the commercials of TV shows, sports shows, movies and news.

Commercials treat viewers like they are complete fools. I cannot stand that garbage.

I wonder how long they will allow PVRs to continue to fast forward commercials until they put some magical non-FWD functions through commercials on these things.

Other than Football, and the news its rare that I watch live TV.
I am always a day behind with TV shows for exactly that reason.....Skip through the commercials...

As for when they will put in anti-comercial skip.
They(sponsers) have been complaining since the early 80ies with VHS tape.....Its been almost 30 years. Im not worried

The CFL has 4 commercial breaks per quarter, plus between quarters.
And they always take them on a change of possession or immediately after a score. Except at the 3 minute warning, or if there's a long injury.
That's about as mandated as it can get. If a team has a 7 minute drive (rare in the CFL, but it happens), you get no commercials for 7 minutes of game time. But then you might see a break both before and after a kickoff as they try and get the 4 breaks in before the end of the quarter.