TSN hockey analysts

say that the Senators were the best team now with the new CBA... And was the best chance for a Canadian team to win the cup... and compared them to the Devils years.... YEAH!!

And they also said that the LEAFS were in trouble.

(ya hear that "GADES" ....)

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Posted: Jul 14, 2005 - 09:16 PM

I'm gonna put this on the Argos pages and watch the sparks go!!!

Who wants to watch!!!!???

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said that the Ottawa Senators where the odds on FAVORITES for the Stanley cup with the new CBA!

They said they were to be the next Devils. A DYNASTY!!


  1. I don't know about other people.......but I am not a fan of the LEAFS.

  2. I voted for HOLMES at this web site........he deserved it.

But what I do know is that OTTAWA sometimes can't sellout their NHL play off games , and can't support their CFL football team.

And don't both the LEAFS and THE SENS fans......always say that they are going to win the CUP every year?

At least the LEAFS make it past round 1 , in the play offs. 8)


Ottawa won't win anything with the Leafs still around.
But if something strange happens, and the Sens do beat the Leafs in a playoff series, I'm gonna shoot myself.

Go Leafs :smiley:

The League And All The Teams Will Be Completely Turned Up-Side-Down By This, I'm Up Set Cause The Leafs Have Finally Built Themselves A Good Team And Now They Have To Ship Off Their Best Players To The Red-Neck South, To Teams That Don't Deserve A Zamboni, Let Alone Players Like Ron Frances, Olan Nolan, And Brain Leetch. Teams Like Atlanta, Florda, Nasville. Grey Bettman Has Ruined The Sport Of Hockey And There Is No Way That It Will Beable To Rebound From This Blow, At Least Not Untill He Is Removed From His Post And Replaced By Someone With At Least Half A Brain.

Correction BAMBOO - the Leafs will suck cause they are idiots and didn't plan for it properly. They've been trading their draft picks for years in order to get free agents at the trade deadline.

Very short sighted thinking will now result in them not being able to keep their players due to the salary cap.

Years of over spending and not getting enough for your buck to win the cup will now result in the leafs struggling... Your management is going to have to re-devise a plan to re-structure the spending and investing in younger talented players...

Something the Sens did from day 1.

Plus the majority of your free agents are now too old. So you wouldn't want to keep them anyways... You're going to need a way stealthier team with the probability of no more red line.

And it's going to be a pleasure to watch!

The Sens will find a way to lose no matter what. They choke and gag more than I do eating a Big Mac. And don't even think starting on me saying I just don't like Ottawa. The Renegades are one of my favourite teams. I just hate the Senators. (Mostly because my sister-in-law is a big Senators fan, and I wouldn't support them based on that. She's a b****, and I hate to see her happy.

No fricken way the Sens will become like the Devils. Not until you learn to trap teams, and put them away. And to become like the Devils, you need a goalie who won’t choke in the playoffs. Brodeur is one of the best goalies of all time, and Lalime, isn’t even currently the best goalie in the divison.

Excuse me Mr Lalime was dumped and sent off to St Louis....

The Sens don't need to trap anymore, thanks to our goalie .. the Dominator!!!!

your right MM, its been a long time since hockey was on, I'm forgetting things. But please, the dominator? this isn't football and he isn't Damon Allen. To compare Brodeur in his prime to Hasek at his age is jsut silly. I know you didn't actually make that comparison, but Hasek will need to be stellar for you to be like the Devils. Frankly, I don't think the Devils are done there little dynasty yet, and that's what will keep you from ever being Cup contenders.

The Leafs are the best team ever
Stanley Cup Champs 06 - TO

Sens do suck
Whoever said they are the next Devil is a retard

              GO LEAFS GO

Let's go Senators, the year they beat TO is the year we see a Canadian Cup. They are indeed the best chance for a Canadian Stanley Cup in my opinion, well at least they can beat Philadelphia...

the problem with Ottawa is they will have to get by teams like Philadelphia, New Jersey, Tamps Bay. I'm not saying T.O can get by them either, but Ottawa won't be playing for the Cup in June I can guarantee that.

Well TO just lost Roberts and Nieuwendyk