TSN, hire this man for play-by-play

[url=http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/latest/20070704_CFL_Lifers_part_III]http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/latest/2 ... s_part_III[/url]

i like this guy calling games...ive listened to his calls online a few times and thought he sounds alot better than the guys on tv.

i'd like to hear him call games on tv, and not just eskie games...its a shame such a great talent is being 'hogged' by edmonton radio listeners..haha

little old

who cares....he does the job better than the guys who currently call the games.

He'd be better suited doing advertisements for Tony Roma's since everytime ive listened to him call something that's all he's talked about. He's an absolutely terribly annoying announcer, I would listen to Walby anyday over Bryan Hall.

hire Ray Hudson from Gol TV, the best colour man in pro sports.

yeah, that guy was on the radio broadcast of the grey cup last. I agree that he has a good color commentary voice, but some os his views and opinions are way out to lunch.

drummer.....NOOOOOOOOO hes horrible...he does all the eskie games and is the biggest arrogant annoying peice of work on radio

...and thats from a die hard Esky fan...I agree, I've listened to Mr. Hall and I don't think he could be unbiased enough to call a nationally televized event....