What gives only 20 of tsn games are in High def. I thought they all were. :cry:

I think it’s just the Friday night games, and maybe some other “special” occasions. Give it time, they’ll all be there soon

the CBC will have them as well…starting Labour day.

What only on labour day?
They already have a hdtv channel

…if you got that channel…and have hdtv compatible T.V… :smiley:

I have the TV abd the channel and the reviever.
HDTV TV is useles with out a HD reciever

Is this the reason why the Montreal game’s carema telacast sucked?

NO because it was not in HD Tonights games is thought
I didnt see any problems with the telecast at all.

Oh C’mon, ro!

the bloody players looked like ants and I’d had to swint like Clint Eastwood to see anything!

TSN did a better job at Halifax than that game!

Hey what can I say!!!
I missed tha halifax game and saw no problem with the als game.

Was it you who said you had to wait untill the next day to see a rebroadcast of the game? Maybe the problem was there

true…that’s why I wrote…if you have that station . :smiley: