TSN HD blackout

What is the CFL and TSN thinking.

I live in Burlington, Ontario and the game between Edmonton Eskimos and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers was blacked out? yet the Toronto game from the was shown?

The reason they said was the game was shown in SD and upconverted 4:3 signal on TSN-HD would be superior picture quality compared to regular TSN and to the blackout in Edmonton actually happens since they have only one HD feed for the country.

So this means CFL in HD means nothing since TSN will blackout most if not ALL HD broadcasts.

me like many people work shift work and record the games on our PVR to watch when we get home.

Way too go CFL and TSN have all tools to give the fans HDTV yet no one will ever see it.

Great way to expand the CFL game, show us boxing instead of the game.

I live in Hamilton and saw both games perfectly on my 36" CRT, just beautiful. One reason why I'm not buying any HD until the industry starts showing everything in it. And receiving digital cable is strikingly clear even on an old CRT.

However I have spent $1000's on my HDTV and home theater. I pay an extra fee with my cable company to get TSN HD. The reason I went HDTV was to be able to watch football in HD and had no problem paying the extra to rent the HDTV cable box and the extra fee for the HD channels.

my question is to the CFL and TSN why produce games in HD if now one will ever see them? I know the game would have been upconverted but why waste the time.

and people wonder why the CFL has a hard time getting new fans? they turn on the TV to watch a CFL game and they get boxing.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&p=275854#275854]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... 854#275854[/url]

Well beater, that's a new "why people don't watch the CFL" type bash, haven't heard that one before but I'll add it to the directory of bashes I have. :wink:

If you're too lazy to click on Earl's link, the point is that the game wasn't in HD. It was available on your regular TSN channel.
Non-HD games that are blacked out locally won't be on the HD channel at all, because they can't localize the HD channel's blackout.

This does seem to be a problem. If you want to use a PVR to record an HD game, first you have to check to make sure that the game isn't blacked out on the other side of the country?

No, if the game is actually in HD it will be there.
If it's not in HD, it probably won't be there, so use the regular TSN feed.

Here's TSN's and CBC's list of HD and non-HD games:



What part of "The game was not broadcast in HD" do you guys not understand?
It had nothing to do with blackouts. It was not broadcast in HD!

Check the TV schedule...It clearly shows which games are and which games on not in HD!

If it says HD tune in to the HD channel(expressvu 850) if it doesnt say HD tune into the SD channel(Expressvu 400)

I don’t get the beef. The Toronto game was in HD and I watched it in HD. The Edmonton game wasn’t available in HD so I watched it in SD. I live only 20-30 minutes away from burlington. I don’t know what it is you’re complaining about.

Some are under the impression that because the HD channel didnt show the Edm game that all HD games are blacked out....

Mind you it would have been wiser for TSN to have a screen that says not available in HD rather than say it was blacked out.

I see that the Thanksgiving Day doubleheader is in HD. It's too bad VOOM WorldSport HD only airs Friday games (save for one Thursday game this season) and the post-season (including the Grey Cup). It would have been nice to watch all the available HD games. That would definitely get me to sign up for DISH Network's HD service.

people like me who work shift who like to record the games and watch them later. My PVR and the TSN HD guide clearly showed that the game was on TSN HD so me and other set our PVR to record the game. So how could we possibly change the channel? It may not have been broadcast in HD but if you have HDTV you clearly know that SD shows are up converted to HD on all HD channels.

Where on the TSN TV schedule does it say that games that are NOT in HD will be blacked out on TSN HD? Yes TSN said the game was blacked out since they have only one national feed and this is the only way to do it. They said if there is a local blackout in effect the game on TSN HD will be blacked out national.

Sorry for spending money for my cable bill, extra for TSN HD, on HDTV.

I am curious why when normal TV shows on ABC, CBS, etc that are not HD but shown on the HD channels are not blacked out since you people seem to think this is normal?

It has everything to do with blackouts, TSN clearly has said the game was blacked out on TSN HD to in force local blackout rules. Since they have only one national feed for TSN HD.

So what happens when if the game is shown in HD and the team in forces local blackout rules? the game will NOT be shown.

Again my point way to go CFL and TSN this has to be the dumbest rule ever. I can watch the game on TSN but not on TSN HD.

Look at the schedule I showed you.
The game was not broadcast in HD.
Yes they said just before the game that it was blacked out but the fact remains that it was not broadcast in HD!!!!!!
The game was seen all across the country in SD Do you see see the game in SD? If you watched it....it was not blacked out was it?
Blackouts had nothing to do with it.
I dont know how long you have had HD but this is my 4th season with it and they never show more than I game of the double header in HD!
If a HD game if blacked out in a given city, the rest of the country will still see it in HD

Never mind - beat to the punch.

Actually, the blacked out city will probably also see it in HD, for the same reason as the blacked out non-HD games don't get shown on the HD feed. Because there's only one HD channel!

I didn’t watch it since the PVR guide and TSN guide both showed the game would be on TSN HD even if it wasn’t broadcast in HD. So me like others set our PVR’s according.

You say you have had a HD for 4 years then you know about up converting of SD shows to HD don’t you?

TSN should come out and say if the game is not broadcast in HD it will not be on TSN HD and don’t give me look at the logos. Funny TSN shows Poker and other shows that is not in HD all the time on TSN HD. All the TSN HD programming in NOT all in HD. So why does TSN HD shown non HD programming? They show it because people with good HDTV and home theater set ups want up converted picture and sound. Just like I do for all CFL games that are shown in SD or HD.

That fact remains the game was listed to be on TSN HD, that fact that is was or was not shown in HD is not the point.

They said the game was blacked out on TSN HD to in force local blackout rules. So if as you said the rest of the country will get to see the game then why wasn’t I able to see the game last night?

You were able to see the game.
Unfortunately you were set to the wrong channel!

The fact remains that the game was not listed to be shown on HD as the schedule clearly shows. Maybe your cable provider listed it, but that is not the fault of either TSN of the CFL!

Do you doubt that I was able to see the game in SD?

TSN isn't required to black out the rest of the non-HD programming.

My head is getting sore from banging it against the wall.

here is the TSN HD guide


please explain when you put on TSN HD where all the other shows they have on there are listed?