TSN Hatchet-Job On Printers.

Every media outlet is biased (even our tax dollar supported CBC). So Dunnigan doesn't like Printers; who cares? At least he doesn't come on team websites and attack the fans.

The only one who Hatchet job on Printers was Casey Printers.
He set himself up for Failure from Day 1 with his get your Pop corn Ready BS..
I was thrilled with him coming but as we found out his heart was not here
When your Team mates don't want come to your Defence at your own beach
There sending a Message .. We don't Believe in you.

Bye bye Mr Mistake...

Schultz was right on the money when he showed the replay of Printers getting hit out of bounds at the Hamilton bench. Not one Tiger-Cat player came to his defence to get in the face of the Winnipeg player who hit him. The player's lack of response spoke volumes. Casey is done as a Tiger-Cat. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Hage was defending Casey.

Anyways, Casey finished his Ticat career Saturday with a very familiar pattern.
He threw more TD passes to the other team than his own.

I love the Ticats to death, but Casey does not deserve the money he is getting. That is the bottom line. If he was paid $150,000 I would have no problem with him coming to camp next year to compete for a job.
He however has a monster contract and has proven in back to back years that he can not do the job as the team is currently configured. If it means losing Casey (and his salary) to add some high priced O and D lineman, then this is what needs to be done.
He finished the season with a 58.9 QB rating, following up his 68.8 from last year.
Even Trafalis who people are dogging on had a QB rating of 88.4 this year.
Casey was throwing 110 MPH fastballs yesterday to receivers who were 10 yards away and wondering why they were not being completed.
He needs a change in scenery, and quite frankly that is what he will be receiving!

Thanks for taking the high road with the organization Casey, but it is time to move on!

The way I see it, the O-line has stunk for years and years. And each year, even though we admit that they stink, we still pin a lot of the blame on the QB. A lot of people couldn't get rid of McManus fast enough. Then Maas....then Chang.....now Printers. When you consistently rotate through QB's and not one of them has any or much success....then maybe we should stop pinning all the blame on THAT position and look at a more key position. I'm all for blaming the QB if he has an eternity in the pocket AND still misses his receivers. But that's not the case. These guys are getting almost no time what so ever to make their reads. Hell....we've seen some of the opposing teams front line in OUR back field almost in time to take a hand off from our QB. Hmmm!

Casey's heart was here, it is here, and given the chance it will be here. He said a lot when he came back last year but since then he has been nothing but the ultimate teammate, never complaining, complete class act and willing to work with Marcel and Porter for the better of the team. He said on TV he hopes to come back better than this year and you need 3 QB's to win in this league (This tells me hes willing to be a backup or at least compete).

If his teammates dont like the fact that he signed such a rich contract thats THEIR problem. Casey has done nothing except try his heart out, hes been tough, played hurt and put his body on the line time after time for this team.

If they choose to cut or trade CP based on performance and wins, I can live with that.... but to suggest his heart isnt here, or that he doesnt want to be here is lower than you, Tom. You should know better. This is not a Jason Maas situation.

Its a sad day in Hammerville the mighty Casey has struck out. :cry: :oops:

There is a small yet vocal minority who will criticize any player at any position on this team. No one argues our Oline doesn't need upgrading, however Maas is still a backup in Edmonton and Chang is fourth string in Winnipeg. Our coaches assessments of those two guys is supported by other teams.

Casey definitely showed heart this season, perhaps too much. I think he was trying too hard, forcing things, too pumped up. When he ran for a first down his elevated emotional level was revealed. When Richie came in with the opposite demeanour the team seemed more relaxed and made plays. The two rookies showed more poise.

If Casey comes back for half price then I say give him another shot. Otherwise it's best to let him start over somewhere else.

I agree with that crash, he has tried his heart out. He has some football left in him and is not done yet. I disagree however with the notion of this thread that the tsn crew or fans or media in general have treated him unfairly. He was the one who set the bar high when he came here and pretty much annointed himself as the savior, so he can live with people pointing out that he didnt live up to his own hype. It was casey who hyped himself and the tsn crew are analysts who are giving insight and opinion and if people think its unfair then too bad for them. I personally think it was fair and on the money. I also hope printers stays in a cat uniform and regains the form he once had. He learned a valuable lesson this time around and has already learned to keep his mouth shut and say the right things. Top paid player in the league, billed himself as the savior.........didnt come through and people are pointing it out..........thats fair imo.

I agree with you completely, Crash.

Right from the beginning this year, Casey tried his guts out.

On the sideline, he worked hard to keep
his team-mates from being discouraged.

Most of our receivers who started the season with him were strangers
to him and each other and the Offence Marcel was introducing

They had a tremendous amount of learning to do to get up to speed.

It was like they were riding on one speed bicycles with training wheels.

The ever-cautious Charlie Taaffe stressed the run-on-first-down Offence.

Casey didn't get enough passing attempts to mesh with the new receivers
and he was struggling to wear off the rust of 2 or more years of inactivity .

When we did pass, the O-line and backs had trouble with pass blocking.

He struggled handling the ball after his thumb injury
and his confidence nose-dived with his inconsistency

His high ankle sprain put him on the shelf just when
the rookie receivers began to adapt and play well.

I want a great head-to-head for the # 1 QB position
with all 4 of our present QBs in Training Camp

I definitely don't want to see him written off.


Matt Dunigan is the only one on the TSN panel
who said Hamilton should not invite Casey back

but it is well known that he has a personal vendetta vs Casey.

Josh Climie was very supportive of Hamilton bringing Casey back.

Chris Shultz was lukewarm but in favour of Hamilton bringing Casey back.

Pundits and fans sitting around drinking
the Timmy's and eating their Timbits

may want to write Casey off but

Obie didn't just fall off the turnip truck,

neither him or Marcel will write Casey off.

All I can say is 1-15 as a starter in Hamilton. Nothing more needs to be said.

What was Calvillo’s record here again?

What was Damon Allen's record here again?

11-7 I think.

Heh. My girlfriend refers to Dunigan as "that guy who hates Casey". :slight_smile:

most likely because you told her that.

I may have, but she doesn't agree with me on everything football-related. For intance, unlike me, she's still mad at the Cats for cutting Jason French. And if she was GM, the Cats wouldn't bother trying to re-sign Lumsden. Then again, she makes goo-goo eyes when she sees Cody Pickett, so what does she know? :wink:

Obie has to say he is bringing in Casey to compete for the QB job next year.
He is under contract, what else can he say.
If he even suggests that he may release Casey it would eliminate ANY trade value that he may have.

Casey will be elsewhere next year, its just that Obie can not come out and say it yet!

I personally didn't think Casey played badly yesterday. A few untimely dropped balls and some brutal penalties that took away plays. I thought Tafralis looked good too. I think Ticats' biggest problem is they have four good QBs and some tough decisions.
That said, I think it will be Porter, Tafralis, maybe Williams maybe somebody else... and Printers will come back to haunt us big time in the not-too-distant future.
Just my 2 cents worth....