TSN Hatchet-Job On Printers.

An unintended consequence of TSN now having the sole ownership of the CFL on TV means the commentators now have a total monopoly of opinon. Yes, there are papers and radio, but obviously dont reach nearly the same amount of people.

So when Dunnigan show his obvious disdain for Printers, which he had before Casey ever put on a TC sweater, and Schultz who wanted Casey gone in the summer and Black just parroting them all are fans supposed to take their comments on Printers today as unbiased and honest?

With no competition whatever TSN says carries considerable weight in how it colours fan perception of a player or team whether its true or not. Thanks to the hatchet job today Casey was blamed for everything except the JFK murder and the Lindberg baby kidnapping and it's going to stick.

Definitely Printers struggled today but he hadnt played in over a month and a half, a new offense, a joke of an O-line and rookie receivers? Arent those factors worthy of mention? Seems the answer is "no" since Schultz couldnt wait to show how the bench reacted to Printers being roughed up as, somehow, proof the team doesnt respect him. The bench reacted like a 3 win team. Does Schultz seriously think the more poeple would have risen up for Porter?

Sure , they're entitled to an opinion but is it fair or professional? If they had thrown Glenn and Jospeh under the bus when they struggled as quick as they did Printers I wouldnt be saying this. But they were given the benefit of the doubt with far more leeway than Printers. Why the hate? The money, did he say something? what?

Short of a 180 degree turnaround Printers was going to get the total blame which he has thanks in large part to TSN. Ridiculous considering injuries and what he had to work with. I expect that kind of bias and shortsightedness from some fans but not from supposed pros in the media.


Enough excuses, I want q.b's who can get the ball to the receiver not have every throw be at their feet or unable to hit them in stride, also he never seemed as fast here as he was in BC. I have lost my patience with Printers.

For the first, or second, time in my life, I agree with Zontar. Zont, you have made a lot of telling points in your post. Thank you for speaking the truth to power. I have always had an issue with the total vacuity and stupidity of the TSN, Toronto-blinded coverage of our beloved Tiger-Cats. They don't get it, and they never will. Casey is not to blame today; the lack of O-line protection is the problem. Hell, Doug Flutie could not have prevailed in this mix. TSN merely blabs along, doing the requisite set-pieces, frothing at the mouth, and missing even a basic attempt at telling what has gone on on the field. Their incompetence knows no bounds, and they do not even realize it. After all, they are the voice of Toronto, and no one would dare question their droit-de-seigneur regarding CFL football. Once again, the self-named elites roll on in total oblivion, failing egregiously as they pose and prance in their ponderous pompsity.

Printers was paid MVP money and produced CRAP results. I don't think he deliberately stunk it up but the pile speaks for itself. When rookies off the bench produce as good or better results then value isn't being received. For the same money we could have picked up a couple linemen and a go-to receiver who paired with Richie or Porter would have done no worse and probably much better. If Casey returns next year with the team I hope it's at a reduced rate and improved win column.

Go ahead and release Printers, Ti-Cats. I'd like to see him compete at the QB position in Toronto, against McNeal, Pickett and whoever else the Argos bring in to audition.

Not the isuue, not the point.
TSN crucified Printers today. Biased and unprofessional. If they did it to other players I wouldnt have a case but they dont -if anything they cheerlead QBs. Any other QB they would shrug it off as just an off year. But Printers? not only do they not want him starting Dunnigan doesnt want him in the league.
Opiniated? sure.
Fair and professional analysis? no, sir.

8) TSN is showing the final score of the Cats game as Winn. 44. Ham. 23. at the bottom of the screen where the updates and scores run by !!!!!
   Unbelievable  !!!!

Rod Black is an absolute idiot , he should stick to figure skating which he does a very good job at . I dont know if he had a gf in Hamilton who dumped him or what but he just HATES the Ticats .

 When the Bombers  did something good you could hear the inflection in his voice about how excited he was with whatever it was they were succesful at . The first thing had to be a long pass which Winnepeg completed for a TD , he  was going on and on about what a great catch it was when all that really happened is he got behind the coverage because a Hamilton DB guess wrong on what kind of route the reciever was running and the guy was wide open . 

Duane Ford actually had something to say about the weak calls that were made against Hamilton , i`m surprised because usually they try and talk up the call when they know dam well it was VERY VERY WEAK !!!

The pass to Cohen was a TD , if that was a penalty then most long passes for tds have to be flagged as well . He had position and had the guy beat !!! If you dont think that play was important in the game then why did TSN call it the TSN TURNING POINT ???? The second was the fake punt that was flagged and yet again Forde knew it was a terrible call and put up a very weak protest !!! Is he afraid for his job if he comments to much on BAD CALLS ????

If TSN is gonna do all the games get competent people who are not afraid to comment on the players AND the REFS !!!!

Rod Black is from Winnipeg.

He sounded like a school girl at a Jonas Brothers concert every time they completed a pass.

I don't mind Black TOO much...but he shouldn't do Bombers games...or ours.

It will be very interesting to see how Printers does if he is cut and picked up or traded to another team. Whether the problem was the lack of protection from the O-line, dropped balls, or poor offensive schemes... or Printers lack of ability to make quick reads and his propensity for frequent injuries, if he surfaces with another team next year the verdict of ability versus poor supporting cast will quickly be determined. The one thing I think he does deserve credit for is how he carried himself, often commenting of the importance of team over self...showing good character in this area over the past year. I'm not so sure I'd agree with the idea that Schultz is overly critical of Printers, but that maybe the team support or chemistry for Printers isn't evident. I would think that it's hard to be a leader on a team that really hasn't won consistenly in a long time. I also think it will be interesting to hear the TSN panel comments reguarding Printers if he does go to another team and does experience success...

If the players on the team have a problem with Printers then they should grow up !!! would they not have signed the same contract had it been offered to them ??? Duhhhh YES .

Do you think the players on indy Colts like Manning ? No of course they dont , he blames all the problems on someone else . But they know if they work hard he will get them the ball and they wiill be successful and in the long run it`s more money in every one elses pockets and isnt that what they play for !!!!

Funny how if we did go after the Winnipeg DB for hitting Printers the panel would have called us classless, frustrated, stupid and young.... yet when they take the 15 and move on they dont care about Printers.

We cant win with the panel. They hated CP before the season and Dunigan/Climie were calling him out in week one. Why would we expect any change?

I disagree.

He was just trying to hype up a boring game. The Cats were brutal for the most part. Nick Trafidis?is not the answer.....

Perfect. Printers has been very professional about the whole season and how he handled himself.

I couldnt have said it any better. :smiley:

Give the TSN viewers some credit. They know BS when they hear it.
The only difference to me between TSN's monopoly and the split coverage until this year with the CBC is that we only get half-baked comments on one one network now and not two.
As for the criticism of Casey Printers...what do you expect? Printers has had ample time to show us something but for the most part he has not delivered.

everything they said about Printers is bang on, and they were totally justified to say it. Its what they are paid to do. Dont like it, go cry to mommy dearest.

Dunnigan, climie and shultz know more about football and what it takes to be on a team than zontey03 ever can dream of. This team and players deserve all the criticism they get and printers needs to learn to keep his mouth shut till he does something and after two seasons he hasnt done anything except cash cheques. Watch when printers gets sacked or tackled and see the ticat players walk away from him and when its anyone else they help him up. Even when he got hurt they turned their backs on him today. He came in shooting his mouth off as the savior and didnt produce, thats his problem. a 3-15 team does not explain them not sticking up for themselves and if it does then this team is in more trouble than anyone thought. If that was porter, they woulda responded but they have no respect for printers and its shown all year, not just today.
When he was MOP he got treated the way he should of gotten treated. Now he is the highest paid player in the league and has crapped the bed two years in a row after telling everybody and his dog how great he was gonna be.
Runnin out of people to blame zontey03? maybe you could start to blame the team at some point and forget about all the losing seasons being because of a vast conspiracy between fans, writers and reporters.

CP has been nothing but a class act since he's gotten here. However, the fact remains, he has produced zero. For the best paid guy in the league (TSN's claim), the expectations from everyone are high and CP has not come close to meeting them. Me? I don't want tv guys blowing smoke at me. CP has been lousy on the field--I don't need that sugar-coated by the TSN guys.

And by the way, I really doubt that Dunigan has anything against Hamilton. At the Hall of Fame game when he was inducted, I saw him under the stands stopping to chat with some kids who were commiserating about another lousy game by the Cats. Dunigan walked over to them and told them that better days were ahead to keep the faith for the Cats. My wife and I were very impressed.

An Argo-Cat fan

BJ, your response is precisely the snide, low class and ignorant I expect from certain fans. I guess your policy of sticking up for Ham. players only applies to guys named Moreno?

Underperformance isnt the point. TSN panel has a personal bias against Printers and anyone who watches it knows its true. Its unprofessional and wrong to deny means you either dont watch , too dumb to recognize it or you're gleefully cheering them on. With you, B,J who knows?

Lucky guy, Xmas came early, you can play your little negativity game right 'till training camp.