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Interesting news from the Lions camp.

"The Lions spent some time at practice Tuesday with third string quarterback Casey Printers lining up at receiver. The team ran some jet sweep and passed out of it. Head coach Wally Buono is in contact with the league to determine if the formation is legal. - TSN

The Lions could be without rookie receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux for an extended period of time after he suffered a suspected broken bone in his left hand during Friday’s win over the Eskimos. - Vancouver Sun

Paris Jackson practiced today and says he is playing this week. Ricky Foley has a broken thumb but is expected to play with it casted. Jamall Lee is expected to be active and in uniform this weekend in Winnipeg. - TSN"

What is a jet sweep?

Hard to explain: putting the halfback out in full motion,either right or left before the ball is snapped to the QB. When the ball is snapped back to QB at that moment a handoff is made. Also used with a wingback or flanker in full speed motion a yard behind the QB, who would in turn hand him the ball immediatly after the snap. Does this make sense?, if not I tried.

Yup. Makes sense. Thanks.

But what's the question about the legality of throwing out of that formation?

It's the play Winnipeg ran about a half dozen times where Bishop handed off to Brock Ralph.

As far as legality, I think it would be legal as long as Printers was the only QB on the field. Or if he was listed on the roster as a non-QB.

As far as the legality of the jet sweep formation; perhaps the tight end has to be in legal formation to get in on the play if needed? There are many formations used in the jet sweep, quick handoff/fake motion is the key.