TSN Hash Marks: Funny Typo

I wonder if the person who typed this out really thinks that Chris is “non-important”. LOL. It’s funny when typos turn out to be the truth.

“Non-important receiver Chris Bauman, who was hurt in the Oct. 23 win over the Argos, did not practise yesterday.”


Seems to happen fairly frequently.
I'd like to see the CFL abolish this term for good anyway. It really is ridiculous. There should be two designations - Canadian and Import.

I'm all for our culture of more muted patriotism. However, a term like 'non-import' just seem to be an awkward and unnecessary use of a negative.

Wayne Smith, Ben Cahoon and Kamau Petterson were born in the U.S.A,

They aren't Canadian citizens but they are deemed to be non imports
for CFL purposes through a complex set of circumstances, slodrive.

The circumstances mostly involve living in Canada
and playing football here during their early years.

They could also hold Canadian or dual citizenship.