TSN has no respect for the CFL

Both TSN and TSN2 are showing the exact same coverage of the Ryder Cup and not even an on screen notice about when or where the game will be seen? :twisted: This is disgraceful.

Eight minutes past start time they finally put up a ticker. Flood TSN with e-mails this is disgusting treatment of the CFL.

While TSN generally does a good job for the CFL, they are using the popularity and high ratings of the CFL to promote NFL games, the Raptors and MLS (TFC). The last few weeks TSN has been running ads during CFL games for Sunday NFL games on CTV despite TSN broadcasting a CFL game in the same Sunday timeslot...which they don't mention. Sunday CFL games on TSN are rarely promoted on TSN while they do promo Friday and Sat. games. TSN saturate promotes their Sunday night and Monday night NFL games during CFL telecasts.

There really was no need to show the exact same thing on TSN and TSN2 while not showing a scheduled game at all. That's just amateur hour crap.

I was preparing dinner, so I just got in. I wondered if golf would postpone the game. Oh well. It's on now. Go Als! (For the sake of my VGCC record. lol)

This was the worst slight I have seen so far. Bad enough we miss the 5 minutes of the game, they fail to put up any kind of notice on the late start for 8 minutes but BOTH TSN and TSN2 are showing THE EXACT SAME FEED OF GOLF!!!!!!!!!! That's a spit in the face and the CFL should demanding an explanation.

This is what happens when you have no competition.

Sounds to me like someone screwed up and forgot to put the game on TSN2.

Inexcusable and not the first time they’ve spit in the leagues face. I’m out for tonight, I’ve lost interest in the game much less watching TSN commercials and listening to the Black/Forde clown show.

You gotta breathe, man. :stuck_out_tongue: CBC was far worse. Remember when we missed the end of a game because they were showing a movie? Or the time we went a quarter and a half without sound? And Walby. Good old Walby.

I would love to see the Score bid on the contract. Whether they steal it from TSN is irrelevant, just knowing that the CFL has options beyond TSN (which right now they don't and TSN knows it) forces them to put some effort into their broadcast. They don't have to right now and it shows.

Having some competition might be nice, but the Score's gone downhill. They've hemorrhaged Raptors games to TSN, they flat out lost March Madness to TSN. Sid and Tim are both gone. Cabbie's gone. Pretty sure that hockey guy, name starts with a C, is also gone. There's no way the Score could put in a serious bid for the CFL.

They’re the only other option. CBC can’t/won’t try to afford it, Global wouldn’t take any sport in prime time and they’ve got NFL Sunday afternoons and Sportsnet would be a bigger disaster than CBC ever was. I suppose Outdoor Life could bid on it. :wink:

Oh please that was common practice for all the networks at the time (and yes I mean Canadian and American networks).

Same thing has happened with TSN.

stuff happens... we should be thankful that tsn brings us as much cfl coverage as it does. my only complaint is the lack of camera angles tsn uses for its coverage, can make the games a little dry to watch on tv.

That’s the attitude that has TSN in the mind set that they can pull the kind of crap they pulled to tonight. If you don’t make complaints things not only won’t improve but they’ll deteriorate. I’m happy TSN broadcasts all the games, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

That was just totally weird, same program on TSN and TSN2. Glad I don't screw up like that where I work or else I'd be gonzo. :o Don't get me wrong, I love TSN (BellGlobeMedia) and their committement to our game and league but come on boys, my wife broke out laughing seeing the same thing on basically the same channel when we tuned in for the Cats-Als game. Basically a joke, not as bad as the NFL using high school refs :wink: but right up there in the same vein.

Seriously stop wetting your panties, TSN does a great job with the CFL, its the best ANY network has done with the game. I love NFL and CFL football, glad TSN shows both, and without TSN the CFL would be screwed.

If it wasn't for tsn, this league is probably dead. They do every game, people who are crying , probably are not old enough to remember CBC, S :smiley: coverage that only started in sept and they never came close to covering every game. Be thankful that we have a league and a network that cared enough to show every game. Nothing is perfect and for those of you yelling and screaming because you missed 8 minutes of 1st q of a football game, you may need a reality check if thats your biggest worry of the day. I just came back from visiting a friend in the hospital, I had to walk through kids cancer care unit on the way . Those kids are having a bad day and for many of them it doesn't get better,Im sure they wish that was their biggest problem , was a football telecast being delayed for 8 minutes.

Walby over suitor every time!

Agreed! big deal we missed the kick off and two plays. How would you feel if you were a Ryder Cup fan and with one hole to go they broke away for the start of a CFL game?

TSN is paying some big bucks for CFL football and I’m sure that when the contract comes up for renewal next year they will pay a lot more. The TV ratings in 2008 when they got the latest contract averaged 300,000, now they’ve risen to 700,000.
The Grey Cup on TSN was watched by 5 million last year, the previous record was on the CBC set over 20 years ago at 4 million.
TSN is doing a good job and have a faithful following.

We don’t want to go back to the bad old days of the CBC.