TSN Grey Cup Saturday 'entertaining coverage'

TSN is continuing the CBC and CFL tradition with CFL Grey Cup Saturday ---- and its been good. REAL GOOD!

Radio coverage is over for the day until late this evening. It was well done with Canada's best radio announcer Dave Naylor.

My furnished apartment only has basic cable, and I have yet to see any mention of the Grey Cup at all. No one at work has mentioned it ,or anyone I know. I'll wtch the game in the gym like I watched all of the other playoff games.. It has been two slow 6 hour workouts.. This week will only be 3

I watched a little bit, it was good.
John Candy story was done well.

I have been with Shaw for about 15 years out west, and basic cable has two TSN channels (regional, TSN2) and at least two sportsnet channels. What cable providers don't offer TSN and Sportsnet on basic.

True double blue is a great doc, even if five years old... how dare you... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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