TSN Golf overruns Ben Cahoon having his Jersey Retired

They have been announcing all day that the Jersey of Ben Cahoon, Montreal's ol' 86, would be retired and they would be hoisting his number up onto hero's row but when it was time for the game to start the damn golf ran over time and we missed the first couple of minutes of the show, the presentation and the first couple of plays. My wife and I thought that Ben Cahoon was one of the best receivers in the league in that he made so many crazy hard receptions, took lots of hits, dusted himself off and walked back to the huddle. He was everything that we admire about the CFL, a well respected, great player that was very down to earth and humble. Where and when will we be able to see footage of this event? Colour us RED. :twisted:

Is the ceremony not at halftime?

kind of interesting in an odd way that during the ceremony and with the Als on the field Calvillo wasn’t watching and had his nose in the play card and Cahoon made no mention of Calvillo.

Calvillo was on active duty. He could not be just a bystander! Pretty sure they had words before and after the ceremony. Stop acting like Herb the turd chaser :roll:

Ben mentioned AC lots and lots in various interviews.
Perhaps BC was respecting that even as player AC did not like discussions/distractions in-game and BC didn't want to draw AC's attention away from his work.
Don't recall, did he mention other teammates?

There was a pre-recorded message played on the scoreboard
Also one from Trestman

Rds carried the whole thing uninterrupted. Their CFL coverage is light years ahead of the TSN look at me crap.and I know if is et my pvr I'll get the whole thing.


TSN2 is replaying the game at 2:00 PM.

Pretty sad, isn't it, when the CFL gets preempted by golf!

I was very irritated missing the first Q due to the golf game. In Niagara Cogeco does not give on line coverage. The two guys who gave the ending summary of the golf game was way too long. I do hope this will be happen again this year.