TSN going to five channels

When I was in Thailand they would show Futsol games (basicly arena soccer without boards) These games have literally 20 people in attendance... Their domestic soccer league draws flies too, but you see it on TV contantly. They have Thai boxing on almost all channels. Yet in order to get EPL games(huge for gambling...Asians love gambling) you need a satalite feed. All of the domestic sports come on the air on basic cable. The reality is that many Canadian amature sports are very profitable, its just that Sportsnet outbids TSN and then kills it. The Vanier Cup is a clasic example. TSN drew 1 million people and then Sportsnet outbid them and got 300K. The Canadian CIS basketball championship was outdrawing the Elite 8 of the NCAA. Why TSN dropped it. I assume that Sportsnet took it and then destroyed it. If Sportsnet insists on bidding on properties and then destroying them, then I guess it would be wise for the government to step in and keep these events on the air

You have to wonder if Sportsnet is simply just trying to keep Canadian college sports away from TSN as their main motivation rather than actually being truly interested in the CIS. :?

When is there too many sports channels?
This is getting crazy.
Having said that, I realize the start up costs involved, why couldn't the CFL get something going?

That very well could be true and at the time that the CIS made the deal with Sportnet TSN really did not have the space with just TSN and TSN2.
That being said the Sportnet deal with CIS is limited. It does include Vanier Cup and the Semi Final bowls and other CIS championships. Also it carried over to OUA football.
All three other conferences have TV deals with other regional networks.
TSN could sweep in with CanWest and RSEQ Football programing each week on one of those three networks.
Also not to mention how much MLB and NBA programing that ESPN can now share with TSN.
Also there is an ever growing explosion of Canadian players in both NCAA football and now NCAA basketball and guess who dominates the rights to much of the NCAA football and basketball landscape ESPN

ArgoT - when you say why doesn't the CFL get one going - do you mean their own network for games or just filler between games with the games still on TSN?

They would lose hundreds of thousands of viewers if they tried to show games on their own network instead of TSN. That has shown to be the case with any other league that has some games on its own network. NFL ratings are much smaller for their Thursday night NFL Network games compared to all their games on Fox, NBC, CBS and ESPN. That is one of the reasons they sold have a seasons worth of Thursday night games to CBS starting next season.

Same with the NBA and NHL Networks. Games shown only on those network ratings are pint sized compared to the ratings they get on network TV or the multi-sport sports channels.

For sure all regular season and through the playoffs will be on TSN primary. Now more CFL programming can be made in way of weekly recap show and some pre season games could be shown on either TSN2 or a specialty network now with the expansion the network

I can think of a lot of fringe sports leagues that don't get coverage that might benefit. NASL Soccer, AHL Hockey, Box Lacrosse, CIS Football, plus there are always MLB, NFL, NCAA (Basketball or Football) and MLB games that just don't get picked up and lord knows of much golf is out there, plus the other non-Premier European leagues like Series A and La Liga. I don't really see Rogers giving out too much in the way of NHL coverage, but I'm sure there will be excess games they will sell.

I think a fundamental realization though might be setting in with both Bell and Rogers. Most people now a days only keep their TV for sports and stream everything else online. TV is a dying beast, ironically because internet networks keep offering higher speeds and more bandwidth.

I cant agree more. TSN is following the ESPN model so they have a plan in place for these Networks. There are a lot of Canadian players in the US NHL cities and I would be curious to see if TSN would be able to get say regional rights to some border city teams like Detroit or Buffalo or some of the popular teams from the original 6 like Boston Bruins, NY Rangers etc.

oh....Big mistake at this point in time.....world is moving away form cable TV...more ncaa really if I want it I can get it at the click of the mouse....why will I pay to have extra channel for that...I have shaw in Winnipeg and get the BIG Ten Channel for free...never watch it!!! Why do I care who care who wins Nickle and Dime State versus I don't give a S**t

That is a ridiculous idea. I dont want to see Fred Stamps or Mike Reilly playing indoor football in the offseason when they should be resting. Football is the most physically demanding sport in the world. They would be overworked and injured. And for what? To play in a garbage indoor league? No thanks. If you need your Football fix in December, January and February, watch the NFL, its just as fantastic as the CFL in its own way.

I would think they will most likely make one of the Networks for coverage exclusively for Canadian sports and leagues.
The CFL will certainly continue on the major TSN as well as the MLS Canadian National deal.
Sportsnet 360 I think is what Rogers is doing with that network but not a very good job of doing it.

TSN May pick up an Indoor sport for programming but it won't be Arena Football, It will be indoor lacrosse league. Already have deal with the Toronto Rock to show games on TSN2. would be a natural to pick up Calgary, EDM, and Vancouver as well

That's ok, I prefer arena football to lacrosse, not even close, IMHO but who knows, I may end up liking lacrosse at some point, if only I could see the little ball in those webs and what's happening. I'm lost with lacrosse for entertainment for me I will admit as I can't follow the ball in those webs of the sticks they use. :?

Isn't there supposed to be an indoor/arena league in Canada in 2015? I go to quite a few Philadelphia Soul games as well as other indoor football games in the states a few a year. As long as they don't try and compete against the CFL I believe they could carve out a nice little niche in football crazy areas up North. last weeks AFL game on ESPN2 outdrew the MLS in head to head matchup.

I would agree that there could be some interest in Arena Football in Canada if they were connected/owned by synergy group that have a CFL team under there umbrella. Others harshly disagree with me but if the Canucks owner buys the Lions they could take a doormat Arena Football fanchise and plug them into a second tenant status for Rogers Arena. Both WHL and NLL teams in vancouver are owned by independent groups and play in different arena's.
For the Canucks it would be of minimal costs and the rules of Arena football starting in the spring and part of a teams mandate is to provide housing for players could be a great way to get potential neg players and border line Canadian FA's into Vancouver early and playing some football.
Spokane draws great, Portland has an expansion team and are both WHL rival cities.
Calgary Flames LP could really jam pack the Saddledome with events with the NHL, WHL, NLL all popular in Calgary again could add an Arena team and use it to their advantage in keeping players on contract with the Flames LP.

Ok now everyone can tell me what a dumb idea this is :slight_smile:

Overnight showing of No-No infomercial outdraws MLS in Canada!!! :lol: :lol: :wink: :wink: :wink:

I'd like to see both on TSN, with the Canadian Arena league designed to showcase/develop Canadian players. Maybe allow an import or two, but keep the league mostly for local players.

now that could be something that could draw interest. the unfrastructure of arenas of differeny capacities are in place everywhere do to hockey. and teams having canadian QBs could be of interest

Since TSN already has the national MLS contract I assume they will pick up some of the games from ESPN/Fox Sports who just signed a new 8 year deal with the MLS along with Spanish language Univision that will have both Fox Sports and ESPN carrying 34 games per year - some of which will likely involve the Canadian teams in the league. I'm sure lots of those broadcasts will end up on the various TSN feeds.

Two great things for the MLS - dedicated time slots that are so successful with other leagues including what the CFL has built with TSN Friday night games. The new deal will have a game every Friday night on Univison and Sunday doubleheaders at 5PM and 7PM every Sunday with one of the two games on Fox Sports and the other game on on of the ESPN networks. So I would expect those two games will be picked up by TSN on Sundays. Fox Sports and ESPN will also take turns showing the All-Star game and MLS Cup along with sharing US National Men's teams games as part of the contract.

The other good news for MLS is the eight year deal gives them a rights fee that is five times what they make now. Currently the national rights fee is in the $18 million per year range - that goes up to $90 million per year under the new deal.

With Bell/TSN so tied into the MLS in Canada as owners, major sponsors and broadcast partners with all Canadian MLS teams it only makes sense they give the MLS greater exposure by showing as many of these ESPN/Fox Sports games as possible on one of their five networks.

That would make perfect sense and likely to happen. TSN took the dying CFL and turned it into prime sports programming in Canada. Could they do the same with MLS only time will teall but they have shown the capabilities to make it happen. Adding some financially streamlined MLS games from its ESPN partner makes sense for both parties.

I would wonder if they could also make an agreement with the NHL Network (USA) for the rights to games that Rogers does not have during the week.