TSN going to Black

"Black": unrelenting void as in Black Hole. +Absence of color. Lacking of any useful or meaningful information'
No I am not speaking about the color. I am speaking of the TSN commentator. I would vote for exclusive CBC coverage of the CFL just to get rid of him. He has years of opportunity to learn and grow but with no affect. Can we start a movement to have him replaced as he truly inhibits my experience...and I believe others will join me in agreement...inhibits my experience of even a good Rider game. It starts here if you will join me.


He's an idiot and says stupid things. I've said it before… he needs to stick with figure skating :lol:

I’m with you. Black should stick to figure skating. Theres nothing more enoying than stating the very obvious all the time. He is one of those guys that has no common sense what so ever.

bye guys, its been nice knowing you

Your just a troll at best.

No, Rod Black's voice cracks on big plays. Yours hasn't dropped yet so it doesn't crack.


hes still on crack ... maybe its my mayor Rob Ford trolling

I couldn’t agree more. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a negative effect on tv ratings; I know I have to mute it whenever he’s calling a game.

I remember at the commissioner’s forum at the grey cup last year, they did an interactive pole on who was the most popular tsn personality (4 choices). Black got 2% of the vote.

My only theory as to why he’s actually employed is that he owns some compromising pictures of TSN higher-ups…

Like old faithful another thread on Rod.
He was kissing Paul Coffee on score golf magazine a few weeks back on TSN. He might like covering hockey better?