TSN GO- new live streaming service

Does this mean that anybody who has a Bell or Rogers subscription to TSN and/or TSN2 for their cable/TV will now be able to live stream CFL games too or view them on demand?


Any idea how it works? Is there a link on the TSN web page somewhere? Or do we have to go through Bell's or Rogers' sites - once they've put a link up?

I wonder if this applies to Cogeco customers too...

this isnt a good thing with me only having a 3gb / month data cap on my iphone 4s... also since my family is a rogers subscriber (for tv/internet) I have to use their software, and I think I have to pay extra for that so hell no. I will stick to listening (which uses much less bandwidth than video!) to games on tsn radio 1050 using tune in radio pro which only cost me $5 or $6 on itunes...

Truthfully other than when I listen to a link from a radio podcast on a certain topic like some people post on boards like this on topics of interest to me or the odd time I'll listen to music on my laptop from an internet music radio station I can't think of the last time I actually listened to a radio station. 99% of my radio listening would have been in my car when I owned one - but ever since I got rid of it about ten years ago I pretty much don't listen to anything on the radio at all.