TSN getting worse and worse

Also my longtime beef.
you see the flag thrown, they go to commercial and when they come beck they blather about someone's golf game or something. If you don't remember where a punt reception was, or the end of the play happened, you have no idea what the penalty was about

Who threw the pass and to whom ? The tackler was what ? I don’t know fumbled the ball. Was it why ?

Abbott and Costello would do a better job of calling the play-by-play than Rod Black . Just keep the call simple and clean .

Cuthbert and Ford should work as a pair for all of the Cat games .

Pat Lynch ( Today’s guys are still better than Johnny Seesaw and Annis Stukus )

When you pay off the quarterback, who gets the money?

Every dollar of it.

Who does?

Yes; sometimes his wife comes down to collect it.

Who’s wife?


I hear she’s quite the Grinch. ;D

Right on Mr Lynch

Very clever MadJack . :slight_smile: :slight_smile: You are the man !

Pat Lynch ( smiles are better than frowns)