TSN getting worse and worse

Another example of TSN getting simple facts wrong.

Is it just me or does TSN seem to be going further and further down in quality.

How did they miss that Simoni Lawrence played last week??

Don’t know how you missed it, but in the article it says Lawrence returned last week after serving his suspension.

Maybe they fixed the content after seeing GCB’s post.

The TV viewing would be way more interesting if Simoni also had a speaker in his helmet with a direct live feed from Henry Burris, allowing us to hear the ongoing friendly banter between these two old friends.

Yes, I see they fixed it.
The article emphasized several times that it was his first week back.
Just read the link I posted, it says “in return from suspension”

In this case, I think it was just a simple omission by a single writer that was not caught by the editor. But as far as what is often said on this Forum about Rod Black, Henry Burris, and other on-air personalities, I generally agree that their performances are lacking.
At the same time, I have always felt that the professionalism of TSN’s broadcast of football has been great for the CFL. Overall, the product produced on TV is entertaining. The camera work and direction are usually flawless.
I watch every CFL, NFL and NCAA football game that I can find the time to, and as a retiree, I have lots of time. TSN is close in quality to any American broadcast.

I see they shortened and rewrote half the article and switched the video, they were using the video they had posted a week ago highlighting his return.

I do agree with Frank, I guess I’ve just been noticing more lapses here and there. I miss having Chris Shultz on the panel

Ditto. Schultzy had more actual knowledge (and imparted it) than Burris, Sanchez, Stegall combined.

X 2. I miss the big guy.

I hate how often there will be a penalty at a commercial break and the announcers either don’t tell us what the penalty was when they come or don’t show a replay of the penalty.

Especially at critical times. Like last game where Williams return TD was called back because of an illegal block penalty. They briefly mentioned it and no replay.

Maybe no replay because they couldn’t isolate the penalty?

I don’t know if they have any involvement with CFL.ca but I’ve noticed a lot of errors there as well.

I too miss Schultzy. Does anyone know what he is up to? I can find nothing on the net as to his wherabouts. As far as TSN game broadcasts, what happened to the cable cam? I haven’t noticed it at any of the Ticat games or any other games I’ve watched on TSN and no reference of it on their site.

I think it was last year that I saw a punt hit the cable cam at a Ticats home game. Maybe they got rid of it after that?

Last I checked Schultz is the colour commentator for TSN Toronto 1050 for all of the Argos games.

I wonder if Schultz would return if Stegall left.

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You could have had it, like, a day ago

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Yup. Their name is derived from a crater on the moon. Very nice guys actually. Signed all my CDs for me when I met them at a show.

Oskee wa wa might be still available. :wink:

TSN definitely has some irritating quirks, but I, for one, don’t want to go back to the CBC/CTV days with its one game per week and local blackouts.

I can tolerate Rod Black’s calls, Glenn Suitor prattle, and try to ignore most of the panel. The price we pay to watch the games, and cheaper than driving.

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