TSN. Get Rid Of The Toronto Reporters Show

Watched today to see their take on the Grey Cup.
They gave it about two minutes.
All they could say was the game was lousy.
Damien Cox called it “wierd”
Dave Hodge had his usual witless comments.
Nobody had anything good to say about the game.
Not even Michael Farber, who’s based in Montreal.
One of the great comebacks and finishes in CFL history, and these guys slag it?
TSN should get rid of these outdated dinosaurs and bring in
Canadian reporters with a national viewpoint.
Simmons, Cox Farber and Hodge are embarssments in my book.

And I suppose the Bills game Thursday a was a Titanic defensive struggle brought to Canada by the almighty ( Now bow when I say this media people) N..........F........L!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try to avoid the show because they usually spew out so much crap, that I think I'm watching a show from Rogers Sportsnet not TSN!!!!!! :lol:

No. No mention of the quality of the NFL game.
Because to them thats beyond reproach.
Just the Grey Cup.
Which was the same old wierd whacky CFL to those 4.
And TsN has the nerve to call them "the pre-eminent reporters in Canada"?
Fact is they're on because they live closest to the TSN studio in Toronto.

As long as they make money Bashing the CFL they will Bash the CFL. if the the CFL had a Phoenix Coyote situation they would be all over it for the whole show. can it be called a free press if its bought off?

I love how these hack journalists keep using words like 'goofy,' 'wacky,' and 'weird' to describe the CFL without bothering to explain exactly how our league fits the description. Why are we goofy, wacky, and weird? Because we're an all-Canadian league with a uniquely Canadian game? Because our teams maintain strong ties to the community? Because we don't pay our players millions of dollars to play a sport? Because the population base in Canada doesn't allow us to bloat our league up to 32 teams, a third of which are garbage at any given time (Rams, Browns, Buccaneers, Lions, Raiders, 49ers, Chiefs, Seahawks, Bills, Redskins)? Because the wide-open Canadian game rarely ends with scores that might be exceeded by baseball teams on certain nights ('cause God knows I love seeing Washington win 9-6 over Oakland)?

Honestly, these reporters embody everything that's pitiable about the Canadian media: insecure, desperate for approval, with no respect for anything that doesn't have the almighty American stamp of approval.

I think it's just a low budget once a weak show for TSN. Just a way to keep Dave Hodge occupied. The rest of the people they get aren't very good so it's not hard to get a steve simmons or damien cox. I'm pretty sure once Hodge retires, that show will be canned.

The only guy I have some respect for is David Naylor. He actually has some intelligent stuff to say.

I don't agree slagging the CFL is how TSN makes its money?
Like it don't make sense for a network that carries the CFL to be slagging it, does it?
But when it comes to baseball and basketball, sports TSN barely covers, those "pre-eminents get really serious.
I mean just mention the Expos, and watch them all bring their hankies out.

But I think what TSN has to do is a weekly CFL Reporters show.
You could have the CFL panel on, plus reporters from across Canada.
Discussing games and league issues. With seriousness.
Not like these Toronto centric dinosaurs.

But its hard to believe that with the money TSN makes off the CFL there
is no freakin' weekly CFL show? What is up with that?

...i'm in a bit of a quandry when it comes to criticizing 'bad' press given the CFL...when you throw light onto some of these inadequate media types....do you unknowingly/unwittingly lend credibility to some of their poor media skills...I, for one, tend to ignore incompetence on that level...This show and its 'bafflegab' wouldn't be misssed (except for Naylor) if it expired tomorrow...'.Lame' comes to mind as an apt description of their so-called show...There ...now i've somewhat done what Berezin has entered upon....given them an ounce of notarity by discussing them...I guess i will say to end this .... to tsn., get rid of these jokers...they're a waste of space....and while you're at it advise Hodge and company to take Rod Black with them....you would experience a huge improvement in your delivery of the CFL...... :wink: :lol:

Dave Hodge and Damien Cox are both full of themselves. Total Pantloads IMO. Listening to these guys make me turn the channel. Total Torontocentric journalism and not at all pro CFL. Get them off TSN Please.

Its a little show, that dumps a load of Toronto media garbage, that has little or no fan base. A reporter who probably isnt really a football fan can say what they want. If Canadians want the CFL no matter how reporters try to twist their opinion, its just an opinion. I wouldnt have even known this happened unless someone pointed it out.

Agree I can't stand these guys, the only person missing was Brunt so it could be the Fab 4 slagging the CFL.
And to think Dave Hodge was once the best play by play voice of the Argos for years and on the CFN network.

The only way to get rid of that show is to give low ratings-- by not watching it. I've watched it a few times.. and its the most boring thing on TV.. I'd rather watch re-runs of The Littlest Hobo than this drivel...

As difficult as it may seem, people are entitled to hold different opinions. But yes I do agree that some of these talking heads are starting to getting tiresome and predictable. Hodge and Cox I can tolerate. Simmons...well, we all know were he is coming from. But Farber. He is the same clown, who several years back on a sports panel show (might even have been this one) openly said that he didn't care about the CFL then refused to even take part in the CFL discussion that was taking place. He just sat there like the mega tool he is and stared at his lap top. What ever happened to those great Football reporters we use to have, guys who new and loved the game. Jim "Shaky" Hunt, "Cactus" Jack Wells, Jim Coleman. Oh yeah - their all dead. I guess it's been known to happen. It's kind of sad really that their legacy are guys like Simmons, Farber and Ian Mendes.

Never heard of this show. So some guy doesnt like the CFL and wouldnt even partake in the conversation. Wow thats journalism at its finest. I dont like taxes is there some way I could not partake in that.

littlest hobo is definately rad. someday i hope he settles down… but tillthen i think he will just keep moving on.

Yeah, I remember that show Farber was on when he wouldn't talk about the CFL.
Funny too is I think DAve Hodge was the host.
Guess Farber figured because he worked for Sports Illustrated and covered baseball
that he was above talking about CAnadian football.
He just sat there the whole discussion and wouldn't say a word.
What a wimp.
He's the same guy who was on against Don Cherry, where he said the brawl
in Piestany was CAnada 's fault.
I wish this joker would stay in the US of A where he belongs.