TSN gameballs

Is Jock Climie for real? MacPherson gets his game ball over Glenn?
Chris Shultz is the only guy who got it right. 506 yards, 3 TD 0 INT. Come on.
Glenn better get offensive player of the week for his performance.

P.S. I didn't see the Sask game, but Durant's numbers weren't as good as Glenn's and he also didn't win the game.

I would've picked Bruce over McPherson, but hey I'm biased :smiley:

Bruce over Glenn?
This is my point...Glenn throws for over 500 yards, 3 TDs 0 INT and still doesn't get the respect he deserves.

When did I say Bruce over Glenn lol? Glenn was picked as was McPherson. I was saying I would've taken Bruce over McPherson.

Backup QB comes in and gives his team 10-11 110yds, and 2 TD in RELEVANT game time. The first hes got.

I have no problem with that selection.

Sorry, my bad.
Do all the panelists have to pick a different player?


Glenn already got a game ball from another panel member. It's uncommon enough for the losing team to get a game ball. Why would they give two game balls to the losing team?

I think the producers mandate that each member of the panel pick a different player. I've never seen an episode of Sports Center where 2 members of the panel pick the same player. If the selections where purely statistical then each member of the panel would look at the stat sheet, see who had the best numbers and it would be a unamimous decision based purely on stats. Kinda boring.....