TSN Game of the Week 8:00 PM TSN2: Hamilton @ Montreal

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8:00 PM CFL On TSN: Hamilton @ Montreal Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/tsn2/schedule/?channel=tsn2&date=10-19-2011&tz=0]http://www.tsn.ca/tsn2/schedule/?channe ... -2011&tz=0[/url]

Maybe Tom Higgins will finally actually see what he claimed was a good call.

That depends on whether there is an "accidental" edit in post production.. :wink:

man, I wish I had TSN2 but it's not part of my package and I refuse to add another penny to my already bloated cable bill.
(yes, I'm a tightwad and I don't care who knows it!) :stuck_out_tongue:

you know you have bad refs when they blow the same call twice. :roll:

You think they would've got it right the second time around.

Not sorry I missed that. My blood pressure can only handle so much.

We win the next 3 and it's a good 10-8 season (my June prediction), with momentum for the playoffs on the road to pull a '70 Lark Cup like win!

Why not! :thup:

BC is hotter than a pistol and the Cats are stacked with injuries…I can see them possibly winning against the Riders and that other team…beating the Lions…sorry…I wouldn’t put my coffee money on it!!!