TSN game coverage

I was at the game Saturday, and I watched it again on the TSN replay Sunday to check out a few things that were questionable.

The catch by Winnipeg that was called incomplete looked very much like a catch to me, but it didn’t affect the game WPG scored on the next play.

The INT by Simoni also looked like a catch, Collaros made up for it by throwing another INT on the next play, all we lost was yards.

The 5yd no-yards call - the TSN replay missed out a chunk of the game, no comment on the play, no explanation.

Overall, the TSN coverage was awful. They spent a lot of the game interviewing Hall of Fame inductees while ignoring the play on the field. The constant yap,yap,yap totally broke up the flow of the game for anyone watching.
They cut to adverts part way through commentary, cutting off the commentator mid-sentence (I don’t know if they did that on the live show but it sure was amateurish on the replay)
Too many adverts, sometimes there was only one play between ads.
Way too much yapping and no focus on the game.


Makes you glad that you were at the game rather than watching it on TV, doesn’t it! I was there too and was happy to miss the inevitable in game interviews that I knew would take place in the HoF game. We didn’t have to miss any plays on the field because of commentators yapping about something else.


Even the players are annoyed at having to wait for TSN to get in a couple extra commercials before the play can resume, noticed that during the labour Day game. Can’t they run a ticker at the bottom of the screen like in the old days?

Much in agreement from this fan of the other side. I’ve been wondering if at least some of the criticism of the CFL I read has more to do with the quality of the broadcasters.

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Like they do in PGA golf today. Play through the commercials.

I really don’t like that split screen. Unless you have a monster screen the game would be too small to follow nicely. I’m not a fan of the long delays but I will take them over that shared screen.

Works okay on my 27 inch RCA but golf is a much slower game

I don’t mean to flex, but that’s actually smaller than one of my two desktop monitors… lol

I don’t mind the commercial breaks, ad revenue is a thing. Here’s a bit of a rant:

There needs to be more variety in the ads - right now you know virtually EVERY ad that will be shown all season during the opening game.
If a company is advertising music, wouldn’t it make sense to play, I don’t know, different genres instead of ONLY “country”?
The League really needs to get a truly National grocery company to sponsor the “Kick for a Million” thing - not one that doesn’t exist east of Winnipeg. The League really has to cater to more than a third of the country’s population.

And for crying out loud END THE IN-GAME INTERVIEWS WHILE THE GAME IS BEING PLAYED!!! There is an entire pregame and half-time show in which to do these interviews, but that would get in the way of the sports wagering segments baked into the broadcasts. Which gets me to my final point:

The amount of gambling advertising is ridiculous. Every game broadcast, every SportsCentre, every commercial break has some form of gambling advertising. Gambling isn’t my thing so maybe I’m biased, but it’s FAR too much.


I have a 65 inch TCL that I replaced the backlight only to discover that the screen was cracked
Must have been like that before I attempted the repair. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Meanwhile old reliable RCA fits perfectly in wall unit and keeps on ticking. When it fails then I repace with another 65. Trouble is it may outlast me.
Agree same old annoying commercials.
And if they play country make it 80’s country.
Truth be if it ain’t country it ain’t music.
Yes the in game interviews are ridiculous.

Wrestling matches now have picture in picture while commercials are being shown (80% commercial, less than 20% continuity of wrestling match).
The nice part of wrestling is that the entire group knows when they go to commercial including the live audience, the announcers, the combatants, the ref & all ring personnel. Essentially, when wrestling takes a commercial break but maintains their picture-in-picture the wrestlers essentially are granted a 2 minutes to 2.5 minute rest period. (ie. nothing ever happens)

Nature Boy vs Rowdy Roddy Piper…. Sigh…. those were the days.

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