TSN game commentary

Not sure what was up during the riders/ticats game. Play by play?or history lesson after history lesson? Masoli's slow start (four plays ignored and not called. Ottawa/ticats game 25 years ago? (Five plus plays ignored). Maybe they were bored. We know he had a slow start, we know it's a short season, we know covid affected the season. You've told us every game.
How about we leave the stories to Scianetti and the HQ, and get back to play by play calling.
It's okay NOT to talk unless you're paid by the word.


It still wasn't near as bad as Suitor in last night's BC game.

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They occasionally (and should pretty much always) have a pregame show where those topics can be discussed. They have a panel at half-time, as well as pre- and post-game, where those topics can be discussed. The broadcast crew can mention those topics during breaks in the play. But the guys whose job it is to do play-by-play and colour analysis are allowing plays to be run without play-by-play or analysis while they talk about things that don't matter to the game.
In the days of Whitman and Lancaster, a blind person could follow the game and know what was happening and why.


I was watching the Yates Cup yesterday with Mark Lee doing the pbp. I really enjoyed his work because he focused on describing the play with energy and enthusiasm. I much prefer playcalling done that way.

You didn’t enjoy the incessant reminders that the Elks played 3 games in 7. If it were a drinking game you’d be hungover until next week (when he’ll likely mention it again. And again)

Actually in a way I did sort of enjoy that one because he started with "I'm going to say this once and not harp on it all game" and then proceeded to bring it up no less than 5 times (I was counting since he said he wasn't going to). It was more his inability to shut his mouth about non-game things for minutes at a time while not even allowing the Play by play guy to say anything about the game for most of the second half.

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It’s almost like the game has become secondary to some of these guys

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Listening to the NFL today, shocker, they call the play and then break it down with their extensive football knowledge. Maybe TSN could consider this novel approach.

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Not likely as TSN has been moving further and further away from that concept over the years.

Speaking of drinking games, my alcohol consumption has gone way down since Rod Black stopped calling games. The world seems brighter and I save a lot more money.

I fear Rod Smith may be the second coming of Rod Black. No denying his enthusiasm but please stop talking.


Rod Smith is an excellent Studio Host who has struggled with the play by play duties this year

But until they find new talent…he’s the biggest name they’ve got

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Luvin' Marshall Ferguson on play by play. He'd be great with Dunnigan. Two football brains that talk football.


Rod Smith is terrific. He's the best PbP guy they've had in years, probably ever.


Totally agree it’s become about the announcers not the game
Tell us who did what not where you ate dinner ten days ago!!
And let the viewers know where the player played college or junior or where they’re from
Help the CFL gain more awareness and interest in the players
Watch old tapes of Don Chevrier Don Whittman, Chris Schultz etc they did games great
Too much useless talk these days

That one I’m not sure about. Matty’s exuberance might be a little distracting for Marshall as he learns the TV ropes. I’m sure they will switch things up with the Talent until they find the right mix so you might get your wish

To be honest, i haven't watched many games this year and the ones i have are off and on during the game, going to other channels to see what else is on.... I too have noticed such a difference between the NFL and CFL announcers, that it hurts the ears to listen to the Canadian announcers,,,one stutters to the point of irritation, another has a voice that drones on and on with so little excitement that it puts me to sleep... and those incessant air horns coming from the crowd in the background....I know that has nothing to do with the announcers but it is the production in general that has done nothing to make a person want to stay on the channel and don't get me started on the panel, do any of the three of them know it is nice to listen to someone who has a point to make without them getting constantly interrupted.

Don’t be surprised if Justin Dunk gets a look at TSN in some capacity. Heard a bit of him today as he was doing colour commentary during the Mitchell Bowl. He also does Sports on CHCH in Hamilton. He’s improving on air, is knowledgeable and has a passion for the game that is obvious

you mean good ole Duncan the donut


He looks surprised. Maybe he spots a hole in my logic

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