TSN game balls

Nice to see Stala and someone from the O-Line get a game ball.
But, what about Cobb??? 150+ yards rushing.
He should get Offensive Player of the week and Stala should get top Canadian.

They have sung Cobb's praises a fair bit this season..as for Stala..not too sure he was clutch for us but I can see why he didn't get a game ball.

Uh, okay :? none of what you said makes sense. either bad spelling or your just wrong.

At any rate, nice to see both Hage and Stala get TSN game balls!

Stala and the O-Line :rockin:

He is just wrong or im also misreading ....

Not to sure why Stalla was clutch for us Stala had career game with nine catches for 126 yards !! That is CLutch
Game Ball should go to hole team for last week we played as a team .......

Agree with Stalla top Canadian and Cobb O player of the week ...