TSN FOR MVP!!!!!1!!!11!!!!one

Just would like to give a shoutout to the TSN crew for a great first season in their new gig. There will always be room for improvement in anything, but this year was an admirable job and kudos to all of you from execs down to the people who hold Jock Climies ego. Thanks for a great season, you did a GREAT job and I am looking forward to the next.

Thanks TSN.


:rockin: :rockin: :thup: :thup: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I agree; it was a good season. There was that little mix-up with the Edmonton/Montreal game, but that was it, really... There were no games where they forgot to turn on the mics; there were no games that were cut short for a movie...

A couple improvements I wouldn't mind seeing... Cutting to the second game in a double header instead of showing garbage time. A perfect example of this happened in the last week of the season. The Hamilton/Winnipeg game was well over before the start of the second game, and yet they still made us watch it, and we missed the first 20-25 minutes of the B.C./Calgary game, which was the game that really mattered. Or as jm suggested, give us a split screen or something... Or do what The Score does for March Madness. Cut to the next game and only go back to the other game if it's wrapping up or if there's a good drive, etc. Make some executive decisions...

I also wouldn't mind some better commentators. I wasn't a big fan of Forde and Black, especially when they did Saskatchewan games. In the couple Saskatchewan games I saw them cover, they seemed to go on like the Riders were playing themselves.

Finally, the pick up of Sarah Orlesky as a sideline reporter was a great move. Keep her.


She is great and she is a Winnipegger.

Yes as I said in another thread the Montreal TSN2 game was the only one I was unable to watch. I would have liked to see a couple guys from CBC recruited, although Khari was heavy with the 'yeahs' and 'you knows' before EVERY sentence, I kinda liked him, and there was another guy, just can't remember the name.

The cutting to the other game when the game is done but the clock just needs to run out SHOULD be a change. If the game is still a play or so within grasp then keep it and show a split screen between plays I agree on that.

I enjoyed TSN for the most part as well :thup: but as chief mentioned, using better discretion and switching double header games/or split screen at the very least. Its frustrating to say the least.

Otherwise I think TSN did quite well :cowboy:

Agree with everyone's thoughts. as long as they don't get Pierre McGuire from hockey for football, please no. Enthusiastic but a bit too Howie Meekerish for the likes of football.

Maguire knows nothing about football, and they know it. Last night Maguire was saying something about Wake (something good). Cuthbert told him he probably enraged a whole province with the comment he made (Saskatchewan). Said that province will have Maguire on their do not like list. I guess Cuthbert doesn't know that Maguire is already on everyone's do not like list.

Not to mention that all games are broadcast in picture perfect HD. They even upgraded the pre-game, half-time and post-game discussions in the studio to HD. It looks AWESOME! If only the CIS broadcasts could do the same.



If only that jacket was a little shor...I mean good job TSN! 8)

Oh yea, Sara baby :thup: and she does a good job as well.

She is excellent, and of course absolutely gorgeous to boot!

I hope I see her at some point during Grey Cup weekend.

She is an attractive and talented young woman, but let's remember to be respectful...

zbest you are a god amongst men.

Chief, whats disrespectful? She's hot AND talented, we're praising both.

I was shocked, I thought Sara had a blemish in one of those pictures, but it was only a little dust on my screen, she's still perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing I'd like TSN to do is tell the viewers how long each FG attempt is. The tickers for NFL games always include this information, but for some reason TSN doesn't, and the announcers don't always say. I like knowing how long each FG attempt is.

Seems to me they always do tell you how long it is.
LOS + 7 yards

I suppose if you look at it that way... :lol: But you can't always tell what the LOS is.

Would you like them to put a virtual LOS like they do for the NFL? :wink:

You went to Turkeys school of announcements didn't you. Has anyone seen a felion running around Saskatchewan lately.