TSN Fans Choice Game of the Week

Anybody else find it a bit odd, and sadly funny, that the TSN Game of the Week replay is on Monday night this week yet Week 4 doesn't end until Tuesday night? According to TSN's website

Each week, TSN2 will show a replay of one CFL game and you can help to make the choice by voting in the weekly poll at the end of each game week!

so does that mean TSN is clairvoyant and will know Monday what the vote will look like after the Toronto/BC game Tuesday? And if fans choice the Toronto/BC game as Game of the Week won't it hurt their ratings by showing the game Monday night when they don't play it until Tuesday? Will it hurt walk up ticket sales for the game if fans figure out they can watch it on TSN the night before it's played?

Just when you thought the CFL couldn't get any stranger. :lol: :lol:

It doesn't matter if the Riders win.

if the Riders win....??????????????????????????????????????????????????? :lol: :roll: :wink: :oops: :cry:

You never know when a freak lightning bolt will strike and take out all of the Riders first stringers.

Weather calling for it.......might be our only chance!!!.....how good are yer 2nd stringers????????? :wink:

Cats couldn't beat the Argos second stringers last season. Better hope that lightning strike takes out their first and second stringers. :lol:

I'm sure Lions/Argos will be on the ballot for next week. Only 2 scheduled games next week anyways.

Maybe. I just found it a little amusing.

With the coming week being a bye week, I wonder what will be the game of the week since the Riders are not playing? Maybe the Rider fans will protest and demand a replay of another Rider game. :smiley:

Quite possibly. Until 1:12 hours Monday morning, the Edmonton/Als game had roughly 52% of the votes and the Riders/Hamilton roughly 39%. Around 9:20 Monday morning. I read that the Riders/Hamilton game was the choice of the fans. Quite strange!


That is odd indeed

89% here chose Als/Esks


Same here. They should rename it to the Riders game of the week.

First game they lose, everyone should vote for that game. That way, everyone will be happy. Riders fans will get to see the most amazing team in the league, and everyone else will get to see them lose.

Who's up for it?

Yep, then they would become just a .500 team overnight. :lol: Would probably be good for the league though as there would be some parity finally.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHX9qq_h6go Riders vs Cats game of the week!!!! :wink:

Well played, sir. Well played.

That might take a while :wink: :rockin:

Right. Forgot about the bye week. :wink: :cowboy:

Sadly it doesn't look like TSN will be broadcasting any game of the week. Pity, I really wanted to the entire Rider game without the 10 minute signal feed hiccup.

I was rather choked to hear this too, Deanjo......especially as I purposely stayed up late after the game in order to watch a replay on TSN2.........just as the 4th was about to start, TSN announced that 'due to time constraints' the game had been shortened ......when the game resumed, the entire 9+ minutes of the quarter were once again missing. :x