TSN fails as a CFL partner

I say dunk is a dink.

WOW TSN and the CFL should be ashamed of that joke of a broadcast of the draft. Seriously they need to put an effort on to bring interest into this. One round is a complete joke with very little back ground of each player selected. Just a very ery poor performance of the media that is covering your product and this is where the CFL fails. :oops:

i think one of the major background problems is that not very many people care about the CIS.
if the CIS were as big in Canada as the ncaa is in the usa, then you'd probably have alot more hype around the draft. as it is, there isnt alot of interest generated by sportsnet and hence, noone knows who's ranked where or even going into the combine unless you:
a) keep track of CIS
b) keep track of CFL prospects
c) keep track of Canadian talent as a whole.

in all three cases it is alot more work to do so in this country than south of the border.

i do agree though, TSN's coverage really needs to be upped

Lee Barrette from canadafootballchat.com. He used to coach at the provincial level too. You're right, they introduced him quickly then never really mentioned what he does. And he might as well have been sitting in the other room. He looked like the new kid in school.

Maybe the way they need to play it is have 15 minutes or so at the beginning when they go over the top prospects. Then when the picking begins, they've already covered the material, they can discuss how the selection is beneficial (or not) to the selecting team.

At least it's better than a conference call. The CFL, BTW, didn't broadcast it so I don't get why you say the CFL fails. Makes no sense. Anyways room for improvement, as I and others say, it was a conference call not too long ago.

When does the season start? Not soon enough that's for sure!

That would make very little sense as a long term plan, since TSN needs the CFL in order to have content in the summer. As it was, last year they were showing reruns of ancient sports themed movies on weeknights to try and fill time.

Well at least TSN included their CFL property a little bit in their month long 'Champions Live Here' blanket ad campaign at Canada's busiest Subway station Yonge and Bloor in Toronto. 178 different banners and pieces with only a few small CFL inclusions. To be fair the properties that get the biggest play are events that take place over the next two months like the NBA Finals, Wimbledon, US Open Golf, French Open Tennis, Euro 2016 Soccer and World Hockey championships etc.

But it would have been nice to see a little more prominent CFL/Grey Cup promotion since the season does kickoff next month - and it would be an ideal place to generate some buzz for the Argos you would think - which would only be good for TSN's CFL ratings. And it is a bit disappointing that in the press release itself announcing the ad campaign they manage to mention the Super Bowl but not the Grey Cup.

[url=http://www.bellmedia.ca/pr/press/tsn-takes-over-the-ttc-with-month-long-champions-live-here-ad-campaign/]http://www.bellmedia.ca/pr/press/tsn-ta ... -campaign/[/url]
Featuring 178 pieces of unique creative installed at Canada’s busiest subway station for the next month, the total station domination is part of TSN’s ongoing CHAMPIONS LIVE HERE campaign that highlights the network’s deep and diverse roster of championship events.

TSN’s subway station domination is part of the network’s ongoing national marketing campaign themed CHAMPIONS LIVE HERE, which debuted during SUPER BOWL 50 on CTV.

Featured in heavy rotation across Bell Media’s industry-leading TV, radio, digital, outdoor, and social platforms, TSN’s CHAMPIONS LIVE HERE campaign underscores the unrivalled range of iconic championships that live on TSN, and the incomparable value that TSN’s five national feeds deliver to subscribers.

Over the next 12 weeks, TSN’s all-star roster of championship events includes:

  • Team Canada hitting the ice at the IIHF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP
  • Europe’s best players going head-to-head at this summer’s highly-anticipated EURO 2016
  • A battle of Europe’s biggest club teams in the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL
  • An unforgettable NBA season culminating with the NBA FINALS
  • The biggest stars in tennis competing in the FRENCH OPEN and WIMBLEDON
  • The CANADIAN GRAND PRIX in Montréal
  • The top players in golf competing in the U.S. OPEN championship and the OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP
  • The 157th running of the QUEEN’S PLATE to kick off the Canadian Triple Crown on TSN
  • The second and third legs of the American Triple Crown with the PREAKNESS STAKES and BELMONT STAKES

Some images from the campaign
One of the small Grey Cup mentions on a pillar



And if you look closely you will see the Grey Cup and Mike Reilly here


It would be nice if they did something like this again in about October with the CFL being one of the more prominently displayed properties.

Perhaps it is in individual perception, but I am shocked by how much TSN gets dumped on .

They have put millions into the CFL and have done a great job in broadcasting and promoting the CFL.

IMO the CFL - TSN partnership will continue to flourish.

Just get that horrible Sara Orlesky off the sidelines and all will be good.

I've had media and communications as an interest since I was two (long story). I studied communications at the university and college level and worked in the biz (news and marketing). I analyze this stuff (for fun, not a living now).

The impression I got from the draft coverage webcast is that TSN seems to have gotten complacent and they are phoning this stuff in. It's not for lack of technology or the quality of the people working on the broadcasts, they're as good as anybody working elsewhere. It's like they have a set formula/routine and they're not going to vary from it. They could do so much more, be more innovative but are choosing not to. I can empathize, I know of time and budget restraints (especially time) but it's really no excuse to get in a rut without creativity. And that usually comes from leadership, someone who will inspire change.

The football broadcasts are getting stale. They need to start varying angles, add/change camera placements, frame tighter and add some graphics. Why isn't there a remote camera on the goalpost crossbar like the NHL has a standard netcam?

A guy once told me "It costs the same to put on a good show as a bad show" As crazy as it sounds, I sometimes wonder if there isn't a conspiracy by the conglomerates to keep Canadian TV down and just buy American product.

We need some crazy billionaire to start a third network because when you are part of these large conglomerates you are dancing with too many partners who can control your interests. And I say this as a person who doesn't believe in conspiracies. It's like Rogers doesn't try to discredit the CFL (although sometimes I wonder) because it isn't one of their properties they just ignore it. The reporters don't have to be told that from above, they just know it.

Growing up, that garbage type of coverage wasn't around. A sportscaster read the sports whether his station aired the coverage or not. Broadcasters should not be allowed to own sports franchises because it is a conflict of interest.

Two years ago I would have agreed with you, but as I said it seems like now they are phoning it in. And nothing wrong with Sara or Rod Black for that matter. People are clueless and probably still hold it against him that he was closely associated to figure skating. Same reason why people without an English accent doing soccer get pooped on.

I have no problem with Rod Black. I think he has done a fine job as a CFL broadcaster.

I just had to get that shot in at Sara.
I think she would be GREAT on the TSN Sports Desk.
I just DO NOT like her as a sideline reporter.
Time she got promoted to the desk. :wink:

You and I are probably in the minority there. As for Sara, how are her upper arms? Is that stupid fad in news and sports still happening where they cut off all the shoulders off women's dresses.

TSN is a mixed bag.
On the TV side for all of the good with the contracts even that is questionable with the undervalue paid, there is the opposite in the unbelievable horrid way they treat the high rated CFL property.
My recent other posting on the mother network at CTV with the useless golf tournament, not to mention the Super Bowl are the obvious ones.
Meanwhile, the radio side is abysmal for the coverage here in Toronto and I suspect marginally better in other cities.

[attachment=0:ssxhrgq7]nfl draft1.jpg[/attachment:ssxhrgq7]

NFL draft is produced by NFL Networks, so the NFL controls the quality and length of the broadcast. ESPN picks up the feed in partnership with the NFL. Also the NFL set looks like a giant arcade game so there is lots of colour and action.

CFL could start this process and let TSN pickup the broadcast. If they want to cut it short we could tune into the internet to pickup the feed.

The monopoly solo contract with TSN is a double edged sword .

You get a protected broadcast of all games but the contract they signed does not allow for the production quality control or quantity of CFL talk exposure .

They need someone with a keen sense of added value of the CFL product and added TV pieces that owning said contract creates for both the CFL and host .

With so much time to fill how does TSN not push what products they have left on the shelf . Not just CFL there is array of Canadian filler that the Canadian viewer hungers for that they are completely missing .

Before someone complains to the CRTC they need to complain to host channel and see if it gets resolved . When I see the sickening US syndicated talk shows and US guests on sometimes I feel like acting on it but I resist the urge .

TSN does a great job televising CFL games. It Televises every single regular season game and all playoff games.
The Draft is a hard sell to anyone but the extreme hardcore CFL fanatics(everyone posting on this forum)
Would I like to see an improvement over last night, YES!!!
But, believe me when I say I appreciate every minute of CFL game coverage I get from TSN
There is absolutely no comparison between the NFL Draft and the CFL Draft

Reasons the CFL draft is a hard sell for TV

    • Nobody really knows who the players are
    • The best players won't get drafted early as they will get NFL tryouts or even be drafted to the NFL
    • No flashy QB's will be drafted
    • It is difficult to sell when Behemoth Olinemen are the top draft picks

I enjoyed it too, though I had to watch it while I was at the office.

Good points Grover especially point no. 3 about the QB's. Of course we know the CFL is very unique in many ways from how the majors operate but the average sports fan out there really can have a difficult time understanding this uniqueness when what they see from all the coverage of the majors is how the majors operate and anything else is just "strange" in their minds.

TSN Is great. NFL Draft looks dumb players waiting in the back!!!!