TSN fails as a CFL partner

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@ctsmith56 Unbelievable! BUT.....Basketball is on 5 channels....

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TSN dropping the ball yet again as the CFL rights holder and broadcaster. Get it together. #CFL #CFLDraft

Jeff Hecht @JeffHecht24
Crazy to me the rest of this #CFLDraft isnt televised. The boys are doing a great job. How is the #cfl pasing on this opportunity to brand?

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Because TSN wants to show repeat programming on 4 channels. #CFL #CFLDraft[/b]

The TSN GO broadcast also was late to start. Tiger-Cats put on a better production !

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TSN has 5 channels: they instead decided to show basketball on 4 of them (none involving Raptors) & hockey talk on the other. - @JoshSmith_82 #CFL #CFLDraft

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If you wanted to know who went where you were better off following @JDunk12 than you were watching TSN - @JoshSmith_82 #CFL #CFLDraft

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Draft coverage still has a long way to go http://3downnation.com/2016/05/10/draft ... way-to-go/ … #CFL #CFLDraft via @JoshSmith_82JoshSmith_82 #CFL #CFLDraft

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TSN went dormant for 10 minutes when it came time to solely videostream the #CFLDraft. - @JoshSmith_82 #CFL[/b]

Their content is such crap, too. Rarely informative and the same repetitive clichéspeak from the same talking heads year in and year out. They don't try to educate viewers on the nuances of the game, and they don't encourage anyone to look beyond the surface during a given game to find non-obvious matchups and storylines. They've gotten lazy and complacent. :thdn:

They spent more time talking about Laji's amateur coaching career than prospects.

They're so lazy that they couldn't even be bothered to do a proper scouting report on the Als' drafting needs ahead of the draft itself. All they had was some cut-and-paste junk about how the team "historically" doesn't draft for need, a line about the all-Canadian O-line that anyone who follows the team ALREADY KNOWS, and zero mention of our actual positional needs. They appear to think that because RDS exists, there is no need to do more than the bare minimum when covering the Alouettes. It's embarrassing.

A while back the boys on the TSN1040 mid day show had explained how TSN 1 through 5 work. TSN 1, 3 4 and 5 are regional channels and TSN 2 is nation wide. That's why if you notice more often than not any big sporting event OR premium content is always on 1,3,4 and 5 with something different on TSN 2. If there's a regional hockey game on (ie Winnipeg Jets) it's always on TSN 3 because TSN 3 is what is offered as part of the basic cable package in Winnipeg. It's the same thing sportsnet does with Pacific, West and Ontario. Living in Edmonton, I get West but have to pay extra for the other 2 IF I want them.

It wasn't long ago that this was being done by conference call, so I still appreciate what TSN does. But yeah, it got repetitive fast. All the mock reluctance to mention Western, for example. They might as well have had Rod Black on the panel.

And I know they need to slow it down to discuss some of the picks but at one point, Justin Dunk was two picks ahead of the broadcast on Twitter. He announced an Ottawa pick while TSN showed Calgary as still being "on the clock". It might be easier to manage the whole thing if Duane Ford wasn't paid by the word.

I was actually enjoying watching the draft, I would have watched it all if they showed it all. Nothing else to watch that nite.

Yeah, that how it's supposed to work. Until Hamilton vs Toronto isn't even on the Ontario regional one.

Luckily I get them all except 2.

" An official from the CFL offices was on the line wondering if someone had been leaking information from the conference call. A media member, who ironically also writes for the league’s website, was tweeting out the draft picks before Orridge could make the official announcement.
Teams were then told by a league official they couldn’t contact a drafted player until TSN’s network broadcast had announced the pick."

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/argonauts-get-their-men-on-draft-day-1.487702]http://www.tsn.ca/argonauts-get-their-m ... y-1.487702[/url]

Oy. :lol:

Honestly sometimes I wonder if Bell / TSN wants to make sure that the CFL doesn't get to successful as they know that it will end up costing them more for the CFL rights in the long run.

With the lack of games on CTV and the lack of CFL coverage on TSN1050 they certainly don't seem to be doing all they can to promote the league.

They treat the NFL much better than the CFL despite the fact the CFL gets better ratings and probably costs them less for rights fees. But maybe since they pay less they feel that they need to do less to justify their investment.

Well as CRF says it wasn't that long ago the draft was done by conference call so yes, anything is an improvement over a conference call. But clearly there is a lot of room for improvement with the coverage.

Likewise, but they just need to clean things up a bit. It’s been a few years now and there are still too many aspects that appear amateurish.

I liked the addition of that gentleman during the webcast. Soft-spoken, knowledgeable and a nice change from the usual suspects.

im scratching my head wondering why TSN havent poached/contracted Justin Dunk. he clearly knows football, and for draft purposes, knows CIS probably better than anyone and after yesterday showed he clearly has better connections than 'most everyone.

would definitely be an improvement over some of the commentators/panelists we have now.


an Armchair critic.

But what difference would it make to have games on CTV ??
I wouldn't be happy to have the CFL on a non-sports network they have a huge potential audience on TSN/RDS that they have to tap into.
The NFL ratings last year were higher than the CFL ratings. The NFL ratings were trending up the last couple of years and the CFL ratings trending down.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth — anyone who loves the CFL ought to fall on his or her knees every night and thank the football gods for TSN — but the league had better hope that 2015 was a one-off and not a trend. The regular season just concluded turned out to be a perfect storm of negativity in crucial markets.
[url=http://news.nationalpost.com/sports/cfl/tv-deal-keeps-cfl-afloat-as-league-suffers-from-diminished-ratings-alarming-attendance-figures-in-some-markets]http://news.nationalpost.com/sports/cfl ... me-markets[/url]

Because CTV is in 20+% more homes than TSN is.

Overall the CFL still had better ratings in Canada than the NFL did.

Who the hell was he? I kept waiting for them to key in the guy's name. His knowledge and preparation were superb but he looked like he was never on TV before and he kinda was killing the energy of the broadcast.

I don't think it was helped by the seating arrangement where Forde was the focus (hmm Ford Focus?) and he had to look left and right to acknowledge the others but the guy on the right just didn't seem part of it. Might have worked better had he been off set and they switched to him on his own.

That's embarrassing. :oops: Shame on both the league & the network :roll: