TSN during Grey Cup Week

I just want to say what a great job I think TSN is doing so far this Grey Cup Week. A lot of coverage and interviews. They are even doing their Off The Record show their all week talking to different CFL players past and present. They had Jessie and Danny Mac on together for one show.

What else I really like about the TSN coverage is, even if you miss something, all of it is on their website. I spent a good hour yesterday getting up to speed by watching all the video they have for covering the Grey Cup.

For the OTR video go to the video library on the left hand side below the video screen and then scrool down to OTR and pick the date you want to watch.

Great job TSN :thup: :thup: Glad you are covering the big game. :thup:

I agree 100%. Finally, someone is giving the GC the attention it deserves. Must’ve been 6 hours of coverage today (Saturday). Interviews with players, coaches, the Commish, etc. Lots of analysis from Forde and the panel (Climie, Dunigan, Schultz and Randorf). Plus Michael Landsberg has had lots of CFL guests this past week (and all year actually). Hats off to TSN. I just wish others would do a fraction of what they’ve done.

While I’m at it, hats off to Bob McKown of the FAN590 for broadcasting his show from Montreal since Wednesday. It’s been great. Mike Hogan is always big on the CFL too. On the other hand, some guys (the afternoon guys especially) on the FAN590, barely mentioned the GC. Ferraway is truly pathetic–maybe if the GC was played with a puck, he’d pay more attention.

An Argo-Cat fan

That's what happens when people accountable to results are in control. TSN is a private business whereas CBC is run by a bunch of unionized bureaucrats absorbed by their own interests. The CBC should be disbanded or remodelled into something useful. The billion tax dollars we throw away on it each year could be better used elsewhere.

Yesterdays "Road to the Grey Cup" footage was great.... had a NFL Films touch to it with the alternate camera angles, solid voice overs and slow motion. It was great.

I was thinking the exact same thing.
They also had some very good story lines on Dickenson and Calvillo.

I won't defend the bureaucracy at the CBC, but when accounting to results means "maximizing ratings (and therefore advertising revenue) at minimal cost in order to maximize profitability", the result is often not quality programming. That sort of bean-counter mentality is why shows like "Dancing with the Stars" and "Who wants to marry an idiot?" fill so many hours of the broadcast week. The state of television in North America shows that there is a market for networks that follow the PBS or HBO model rather than pandering to the lowest common denominator.

TSN arguably has more "filler" in their weekly schedule than CBC does, and therefore has more room in their schedule to squeeze additional ratings from their CFL rights. If TSN thought some cheaper, non-CFL programming would yield better ratings in those timeslots and could do the switch without violating their contract with the CFL, then you'd really see "accountability to results" in action.

Yeah, me too!

It looked SO professinal.

TSN was great in all aspcts of Grey Cup coverage. I don't miss the CBC coverage at all.

I hope TSN got huge numbers for all their coverage.

According to William Houston's article in The Globe today, TSN's ratings for the game were the second lowest since 1989. It was down 27% from last year's CBC broadcast.

But what's important to remember is that CBC is available in 13 million homes while TSN is in 9 million homes which, ratio wise, might account for the difference.

I loved TSN's coverage all week and the broadcast of the game itself. It was info overload and it was great!

Last year with CBC, basically, you just go the game.

I saw a comment posted to an article on thestar.com where someone said they didn't even know what network the game was on.

In terms of relevance to the casual fan and Canadians in general, the Grey Cup game is the key to maintaining the league's role in the national identity. The reality is that many people who don't watch any CFL games at all during the regular season (or only watch a couple of games), still watch the Grey Cup game and regard it as a culturally important event. Sure, some people just use it as an excuse to drink to excess, but continuing to win the hearts and minds of people who aren't hardcore CFL fans is important to the league's longevity.

As a kid, I remember knowing what a Grey Cup party was before I knew the names of any of the teams. The high profile of the Grey Cup helps plant the seed of CFL awareness in many folks, some of whom will eventually become more than merely casual fans.

I really liked the tribute to all the CFLers who have left us this year. What an outstanding group of people we lost! Well done, TSN.

Having TSN broadcast from GC village was great.