TSN dropped the ball BANJO BOWL

After watching the Banjo Bowl I saw something really interesting. It was the Banjo Bowl Trophy aka the Banjo Bowl Cup.
What ticks me off is that as soon as the game was over TSN pulled the plug on what was happening on the field and went back to Shultzie and the boys.
Why the heck did the not show the presentation of the Banjo Bowl Cup? Many people actually wanted to see that.
Heck I wanted to see it. Quirky gimmicks like that are what makes the CFL exciting to watch and TSN did not even treat the Banjo Bowl Cup as something worth having on TV which ticks me off.
The reason why the Labour Game sells out is because it has value. The reason why the Banjo Bowl sold out was because it too has value.
Come on TSN, wake up and understand that even the little things in the CFL have great value to us.
The CFL is not just a product for you to broadcast and make a buck off of, it is more than that, it is our Canadian lifestyle.

i dunno really.

I think it didn't matter.

They didn't have time to show it. There was about a minute for the panel to talk and then they had to go straight to tennis. And I think you're the only one who cares about seeing the trophy presentation.

The Banjo Bowl is stupid.

The Banjo Bowl is the creation of Lyle Bauer to motivate suckers into buying into a mob mentality and make a buck off of them. the thing is a joke and I"m glad TSN spares me this just like they spare me most national anthem renditions sang off key.

So having a good marketing ploy is a bad thing ? :roll: :roll: The whole point is to attract fans and new fans to your product ! It's a great game and the whole weekend was a fun !

[b]TSN dropped the ball BANJO BOWL[/b]
Did it break?

All I know is that here in Saskatchewan most people I know roll their eyes about it.

The point I am making is that as a viewer I am not interested in air time being used to see an unsanctionned IE Fake trophy handed out. What a team does to sell tickets is their business and this banjo bowl while tacky seems to get the job done.

....seems there was a few 'cups' dropped as well as balls.....mostly by the rider d and not so special teams ,who were watching Reid run all over the place :wink:

Always exciting to see Rider fans cry their way to their pickup trucks and head home. It was exciting in November and it was yesterday as well :slight_smile: Lapolice and his staff also exposed Etch's run defense very badly. Let's hope Fred gives Taman his database back :slight_smile:

Down here we call them hilljacks, hicks, bojacks, doohickeys, rednecks, hayseeds, and so forth ...that guy shown on air at the beginning of the telecast with the banjo and the crooked yet perhaps fake teeth fit the bill, and when I saw him I thought "Wow they have those up there too!?" :o

Clever marketing ploy indeed but definitely demeaning to many in those provinces I would think. I would hope to meet more such folk some day who are involved highly in some big-time global agriculture as well.

Then again with some of the fans for each side who speak up too often on here, much akin or analogous to the likes of those I have noticed from certain states like IN (my home state),PA,OH,TN,KY,VA,AL,MS,NJ,LA and a few others down here, still perhaps we have to wonder and laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn`t recognize you without the blue guy in your avatar papa!

The Banjo Bowl is no more significant than the Ballard Cup. This isn't college football where it seems every rivalry has a trophy (the Cy-Hawk Trophy, the Old Oaken Bucket, the Apple Cup, Paul Bunyon's Axe, the Jeweled Shillelagh). The only trophy that matters is the one handed out after the last game of the year. That's the only one that needs to be shown.

I also like the shot of the banjo picking inbred with the crooked teeth in the bombers jersey at the beginning of the telecast. if you ask me the banjo picking inbreds are all in Manitoba Ha Ha.

.....i switched it for a more non-desript image.....that guy looked old and mean.....i'm not that mean really :lol:

This is what I never understood about the Banjo Bowl. If all the inbred banjo players are in Saskatchewan, why is the game played in Winnipeg? Shouldn't the game be played in Regina?

if wpg wins the "banjo bowl", do they become the banjo picking inbreds???

Is there actually a physical trophy called the Ballard Cup, or is that just a name given to the traditional rivalry? I hadn't heard of it until last year (yeah, I'm a newish fan).

I've looked and have yet to find a picture of one. That doesn't mean there isn't one, just that I've never seen it.

The third paragraph of this article about last year's Canada Day game between the Argos and Cats alludes to there being an actual trophy. Using the words like "have possession" and "trophy awarded" make it seem like there is a physical trophy in existence. David Miller (hardly an authority on anything) says that he looked forward to the Ballard Cup "resid[ing] in Toronto this year." So, I guess to make a long answer even longer, I don't know.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/cats-set-to-host-argos-on-canada-day]http://www.cfl.ca/article/cats-set-to-h ... canada-day[/url]