TSN Draws Huge as CFL #1 & 2 For TV Weekend

The weekend TV numbers are out and the CFL drew huge numbers for both the Friday night and Saturday night games.
Winning both nights over the competitors. With 3 out of the top 4.
What is impressive even more so is the total combined numbers for TSN for the early Sask-Argo game(563,000) and the late start in BC for the Winnipeg-BC (465,000) is well over 1M combined viewers.
I believe this is a record viewership for the summer months.
The Argos for two weeks in a row have garnered the top two audience for TSN(last week at 399,000).

TOP 10

  1. CFL , Friday Sask-Argos TSN @ 563,000
  2. CFL, Friday Winn-BC TSN @ 465,000 Yearly average up from last year will increase from before weekend 329,000
  3. Golf PGA Sunday Final TSN @ 461,000
  4. CFL Saturday Ham-Edmon CBC @ 417,000 Second largest audience of the year
    1. 7 Baseball, Toronto -KC Sportsanet Sunday @386,000, Friday @ 363,000, Sat @ 386,000, Despite the strong weekend
      yearly average on Sportsnet is down a whopping 26% to 290,000
  5. Men's Tennis Final, Sunday TSN @ 316,000 Strong numbers up 61% from 06
    1. Golf PGA TSN Saturday @ 281,000 & Sunday @ 237,000

Excellent numbers....I read them early today in the Globe. I wonder if it has to do with summer winding down and more people now getting interested in the league now that we are 7 games in.

always a good sign when 3 outta 4 weekly CFL games are in the top 5!

Agreed, but need we bring up again how the TSN got short changed in the new TV contract.
I would estimate by a half, instead of the new $16M per year it should have been at least $25M and probably $30M.
I recall reading recently how TSN is paying close to $50M for the NHL contract.

Someone should maybe mention to the Toronto media that the Argos game did almost 600,000 viewers.

Because there is barely an article on the Argos in any Toronto paper today. But of course the big news is the latest police reports of these NFL thugs.

Which is why I always say the main problem the CFL faces is that there are very few CFL fans in the media. As compared to baseball and basketball.

And this HAS to change!

Did the Calgary/Montreal game not rank? Ouch. :lol:

Good for the other games, though. Those are some spectacular numbers. :smiley:

Those ratings are for the weekend only.
Montreal Calgary played Thursday night, therefore they aren't shown.

Even if they did show, they would prob not include RDS and would be misleading

Argotom...I agree with you totally....The league is undervalued as a T.V. commodity and the players are the biggest losers in all of this. This was one reason why I was so upset with the players union in the NHL, if anyone has any reason to be upset it should be the players of this league who are drawing anywhere from 600,000 to 800,000 viewers on both sides of the border and not getting anything for it. But I don't think it will change anytime soon because TSN is making out great in this deal.

The CFL could have spent that extra money on Professional Referees…

Speaking of TSN, I didn't know about this alternate feed which carries TSN programming on other channels at the same time as the regular TSN. The Chiefs pre-season game on Thursday is on this, I'll have to check out Printers:


I guess these numbers throw water on the idea that not having games on broadcast tv next year will hurt.

good point rpaege and Argotom, you're bang on. That last deal with TSN was a total disservice to the CFL with the audience the league commands for 6 months a year, the level of entertainment the CFL offers, and the ad revenue they're clearly making with the CFL.

Hell, the Jays continually draw poorer viewership and get more money. Just don't understand it. I think the CFL should got back to producing their own telecasts.

Other then in the mid 90's when the league was on the brink, TSN paid the league or overpaid the first TV contract.
In addition, kudos also have to be given to TSN for developing Friday Night Football which is an icon on TV now.
Now, they could certaily do more, like a weekly TV show and show the Grey Cup in 08 on the main mother CTV network.
Having said that, the league has not received fair market value during the last two contracts.
We or most of us agree how TSN is probably the best place to keep the vast majority of the games, or alternatively they should have paid upwards $30M annually for the entire package.
If not, then piece meal the rest of the package say 1-2 games per week could have been sold to CBC and Sportsnet to maximize proper value.
As it is and we have to take them at face value, when the CBC management said how the league did not even contact them during the negotiations(?) with TSN and how the CBC was apparently willing to pay more then the $16M annually to $20M.
In my profession, when one negotiates with various parties you create a bidding war and especially with a "hot property" like the CFL. This was sadly not done and therefore the vast undervalue of the contract.
A pity no doubt.

Just ask the CCA what happens when the CBC takes over coverage of something from TSN. I for one am glad that the CFL/TSN partnership is what it is.

The CBC's claim that they would have paid more is a familiar story from the Mother Corp. They've got phones - if they were that interested they could have made a call and an offer. But even if they did, why should your and my tax money be spent so the CBC can buy CFL rights, when private industry is willing to pony up the dollars?

Agreed, but as I have said the league could/should have used the CBC(also Global & Sportsnet)in a negotiation ploy to drive up the bidding war and have TSN ante up the correct figure.
It's hard to negotiate with one entity and get fair market value.

Well, that’s an option, but possibly a risky gambit, because if you go to TSN with CBC’s “better offer”, they might just say “thanks, we’re out”, and then you’re screwed.

Remember, CBC is the network that came up with the brilliant strategy of not televising games until Labour Day.

Yes a bone head move to say the least, but that was early on and before TSN and the policy was continued for many years.

Yeah, it was years ago, but it'll take some work to convince me that CBC's gotten any smarter.

Are you a curling fan? They practically had a mutiny on their hands with what they did with their coverage of the Scott and the Brier.....and that was just two years ago.

Yes I love curling.
That move to switch the round robin games to the rarely watched Country Living or whatever it is called channel was capital S stupid.
Ultimately resulting in Canada Curling to go back with TSN.