TSN Double Headed to-night!!!

:thup: :thup:

Winnepeg in Montreal....so so

Green Riders in BC.....

I'm really looking forward to this game and seeing how the Green Riders look this year in action!
Go Riders! :cowboy:

I'm just happy that real football.... um... you know what I mean.

Glad that the CFL is back for another year.

I hope all the games are in HD…

Go Bombers!
Go Riders!
Go Ticats!
Go Stamps!
(the four teams I want to win this week)

Hope the Ticats are in HD.Go Cats!!!!

I Called The CBC to find Out

Bad news the Game will not be in HD…

They Do all Leaf Games in HD but not the CFL.

What a Rip… I Really Hate the CBC…. :x :x

forget tonight !
tomorrow we have
ticats vs. argos


carolina vs. edmonton

excellent night for sports !

Do you trust the Toronto Star?

In the article today
"Coverage scores big on new technology" they say:

"While 5.1 sound isn't in the CBC's plans yet, it will
increase its HD offerings from two to 11 games.
It will also shoot all games, except tomorrow's,
in widescreen for the growing number of viewers with big TVs"

Thus no widescreen for tomorrow's games


I still hate the Toronto Media..
The CBC is at the Top of Hate List..
Follow by The Star & Sportsnet