TSN Doesn't Believe It

Copied from TSN.ca's CFL page at 9:15 p.m. after HAM beat SSK:

Schultz Against The World

A Roughriders victory means that The Big Man is 2-0 to open Week 18. See who else he likes in the remaining games and take the challenge yourself. More...


he picked the Eskies in last nights game

TSN can SUCK IT, bunch of steeltown haters.

With the Cats win.. I'm 2-0.. Schultzie knows nothing!!

Funny how he picked Sask on the website,but before the game he said that he thought Hamilton would win.

I saw that too.

Schultzie is a retired Argo, let alone a Toronto kid, and he bleeds Blue by nature, but lets admit he does not post direct to the TSN site, that was a screw up by some lowly staffer, certainly not Schultzie. But he's a great sportsman, and will give every respect (even if its in retrospect)

Climie is so pro-Montreal, you could gag me with a spoon, but I'll give him the same respect. A professional athlete, now retired, an articulate lawyer in real life, you might disagree, or want to argue, but thats his job, and he does it well. I just love it when we win, and he (and othes) have to eat all that cold boiled crow on air without gagging

Sort of like me, watching this "Printers" interview on air just now, but I digress...

Actually he is from Burlington, Aldershot High to be exact so who knows if he grew up an Argo fan. Could have been a Cats fan but I doubt it.

What's Climie going to do when the Cat's go into Montreal and eliminate his Als. :cowboy:

Sign and cash that pension cheque rather quickly, and check the terms of his TSN contract.

A good guy, not a bad commontater, Matt makes up for much of it, if only because he played with us...you need give everyone their opinion, its called "free speech"...

Pay a quarter or two, pin on your Poppy, and remember what it "means".

There are good soldiers coming up the "Highway of Hero's" tonight, on their final journey, to protect that "right", who stood up in real life, to let whatever chatterbox come up with whatever they like, whether they agreed or not.

All 3 are top shelf. Can't always agree with everything they say but they are intelligent well informed and articulate. Really can't ask for much more

Believe it .....

8) You are right "greycupo6", and Chris still lives in Burlington !! :D

I was a little miffed with Climie because he seemed to suggest the Ticat win was more to do with Sask coming out “flat”. It was Dunigan and Shultz who gave equal or more credit to the Cats actually playing a good complete game.

I liked this part of his pick...

Both teams might not have identical records but both teams are improving here in late October. For Kevin Glenn with Hamilton, no interceptions for two games now. That's important because the remaining two games are against two good defenses - Montreal and Toronto

HUH??? We were playing Sask and have WPG left to play. What was he smoking?