TSN Does NOT Broadcast High Definition!

Is it only me who is complaining about the Lacck of High Definition broadcasts by TSN for CFL games?
To-night, Montreal versus Calgary, NO HIGH-DEF!
Actualy, the only broadcasts that we have received in high-definition have been the Winnipeg home games where the Black-out has been lifted which happens to be all the home games!
Com-on CFL, read the riot act to TSN, I am paying extra for the High-def signals and NOT receiving them. CBC, NO Problem, all games have been high-def!
Let's put some pressure on TSN!

..I know, I just dropped $800 for a HDPVR box two weeks ago and only as couple of games have been in HD...grrrrr....

TSN has done 1 or 2 games each week in HD. Not just Winnipeg home games.

After this week, 21 of their remaining 28 games are scheduled to be in HD.

I believe TSN only has one HD broadcast team this year. This is why they only have one HD broadcast a week so far. They may be incorporating another HD team in the future. CBC only has one game a week- that is why they are all in HD.

i watched the game last night on my starcgoice HD channel... and well it def wasnt HD it looks like blocks of colour runnin around on the feild, horrible. i payed for an HD satelite and all the wires n good stuff n i get this?? thats redicule.

Me too, again even though it was on Bell Expressview HD channel, TSN did not have it in High Def.
I have lost count as to how many times this has happened.

The TSN schedule for HD is more accurate for HD broadcasts

Standard definition broadcasts still look better on a good CRT screen than they do on even the latest plasma and LCD TVs.

[url=http://www.computeractive.co.uk/computeractive/features/2195259/night]http://www.computeractive.co.uk/compute ... 5259/night[/url]

One day, sooner rather than later I'm sure, I'll make the jump to a HD set, but not yet.


Get over it.

Next year they're all in HD.

Do not forget that this is a UK article. Resolution in traditional tv in places like the UK and Europe are already significanly better than what is found in North America. This means that the change in resolution and aspect ratio is not as significant to a viewer overthere.

I would also agree that a good CRT screen is superior to many lcdplasma screens.

One silly thing here is that even the new North American HD broadcast standards are not up to snuff as it is still possible to see artifacts in the image which could have been eliminated with only minor upgrades in the standards...