TSN 'dave naylor' ottawa opening night segment was awesome

he has been one of the best broadcasters around. The piece he did with him telling a story about him being a ottawa football fan and showing the history of the game in ottawa.


you can watch a replay on tsn.ca cfl demand.


I listen to him all the time on his show "TSN Drive" on TSN 1050 radio in Toronto.
Yes, very good broadcaster.
Didn't recognize him with hair in those pictures!

Dave Naylor is the best football journalist in the country IMHO. He has a deep knowledge of both the Canadian and American games. I always look forward to his commentary.

I know! for a moment, I even thought "why are they showing THAT guy's school picture?" :lol:

The crazy thing is... I either lived in the same house as Dave Naylor or very, very close to him during the time he was there. When he walked up the stairs to that room, I thought, "I lived in that room for a year" - obviously, not at the same time as DN but within a year.

Amazing piece. Gave me shivers.

That was, indeed, an outstanding piece!

Thanks for the link.

Congrats to the CFL fans of Ottawa (current, and the new ones to be made!), looking forward to many great seasons with Redblacks!

I can't wait for the day when Rough Rider merchandise is available. I have always wanted a spring jacket with the Rough Rider logo on it.

Good luck to the "Rough Riders" tonight - they will always be the Rough Riders to me. I might even shed a tear. :thup: