TSN- Cuthbert and Suitor

I believe Cuthbert and Suitor are the two outstanding play by play and color commentators in the CFL today. Chris and Glen work extremely well together and are a great team. Both are knowledgeable persons with respect to the CFL and, they provide insights into the game as well as adding to the excitement of it. Great work fellows, you are the best!!!!!

Gotta agree with this. Cuthbert and Suitor are the best CFL commentators by a long shot. Why CBC let Cuthbert go is beyond me -- he's enthusiastic but not over the top, knowledgeable about the game, stays focused on the action, and doesn't play favourites. Suitor is far and away the best color man. Beyond his obvious knowledge of the game, he has become extremely comfortable in his role. He's fluent, affable, and incisive; he also knows when to let Cuthbert call the game and when to jump in. He never rushes his train of thought, he never stutters or breaks off his sentences.

They're a great combo.

Merely the best of the worst crew in sports broadcasting today.
Ive watched Army Armstrong make a monster truck rally more interesting than these guys make CFL football. We DO have the more EXHILERATING game than the southern brand but week after week, year after year, they make us seem like we run an ant farm.


These two wouldn't be bad if they'd just learn to shut up when the officials are talking!

I suppose you would rather listen to Steve Armatige and Chris Walby?

These guys are by far the best, Rod Black and Danny McManus just annoy me, and whoever it is with CBC bore the hell out of me.

So, yeah, it's all about Cuthbert/Suitor!

Glad to finally here some props sent towards the commentators. I could never understand why some fans got so upset with the "bad commentating". I liked listening to Danny Mac as well. I am even a fan of Walby.

Cuthbert and Suitor are the best commentators by far its not even close. I thought the best analyst for the CFL was Ron Lancaster-- bring him back! LOL

I don't know what broadcasts you're watching. Cuthbert and Suitor do an excellent job of keeping the excitement level high as they provide commentary for our exhilarating game of Canadian football.

Cuthbert and Suitor are the best for CFL football. They have good chemistry.

Just like as annoying as John Madden can be, he and Al Michaels also have great chemistry.

Like, if the commentators dont gel regardless of there respective talent, they arent going to do a good job…

I think Suitor has become a good colour commentator. Danny McManus is a good colour commentator too. Cuthbert is the best play by play voice in Canada, be it with hockey or football. TSN needs to expand on its play by play talent. Rod Black isn’t my favourite. No one on the CBC strikes me as being worthy of calling play by play for the CFL. Khari Jones with some experience and losing the laughs in the same way Suitor lost the “Oh baby” will become a good colour man as well hopefully with TSN’s expanded telecasts next year.

Interesting comments folks:

My opinion:

  • Suitor brings enthusiasm to the game.
  • McManus needs work
  • Rod Black is a little annoying
  • Cuthbert is steady and non-partisan

But my main question / beef is why the heck do football commentators wear suits??????????????????????????
Wear sporting clothes or something comfortable. Suits and ties are a joke!
Do you see coaches wearing suits and ties? Makes me laugh every time I see these guys looking like funeral parlour directors!!

Tell me about it. It would not be so bad that they were talking while the refs were announcing the penalties if they would have the refs on camera.
They prefer to yap away and show the players on the bench waving to their mothers

Most of broadcast pairings have gotten worse over the past 5 to 10 years. They don't provide sufficient information. They use the tele-prompter only occasionally, to demonstate what they are saying. They are more interested in talking about other things. For example: I believe it was the last play of the half for Winnipeg, Winnipeg had already gone down on one knee once, and were preparing to again. So what did they do, they cut to sidelines to talk to someone or do a promo or something, if winnipeg would have tried a trick play, they would have eggs on their face for missing it.

While having someone like Danny Mc or Kari or Walby around, looks good to the fans, these three guys are just poor at explaining the game.

Agree, Cuthbert and Suitor by far and away are the best pair on TV.
Miles ahead and really no one else comes to mind as being second.
On the opposite end, last week we saw and heard the two worst in my opinion, Armitage and Jones. Absolutely brutal.

I agree Turkey! You should see the Team 1040 guys that do the Lions Radio. Hawiian Shirts!

I am cutting Khari Jones and Danny McManus some slack because they’re very new to the commentary game. Understandably, they’re nervous, they rush their sentences, and don’t leave themselves enough time to provide real insight. That being said, nobody comes close to holding Suitor’s jockstrap as a colour commentator. He stands alone. The guy is funny, affable, articulate, and knowledgeable as all hell. I always learn something after watching a game he’s called.

I like this duo also.

It just bothers me when they get all Pro-Argos, and call Charles Roberts, "Sir Charles"

Well, to be fair, I know there is a guy on the Hamilton roster they call 'Sir' as well. Of course, I don't see how showing such deep respect to Winnipeg's favorite all-star RB qualifies as 'Pro-Argo'...

Cuthbert has really come a long way calling the game. When he first started he didn't know anything about the terminology of the game. He is the best play by play guy imo. Bisonhead (Armitage, credit Nasty Nate) and Rod Black are a distant second.

Suitor is more polished than the other colour guys, Khari and DMac still trip over their tounges too much.