This only my opinion but ever since TSN was taken over by CTV they have lost their way. I am very disappointed in TSN and their abysmal coverage of the CFL and forcing all this country and western music down your throat. Bring back the CBC it couldn’t be any worse. Anyway take it for what it is worth it doesn’t matter to me I have stopped watching the CFL.

Overall I am quite pleased with TSNs CFL broadcasts, “rookie poster.” (::)) They’re 190% more entertaining than CBCs broadcasts ever were. Don’t let the station door strike your backside on your way out.

Why do you think it is TSN that is choosing the music acts for Thursday nights?
I was of the impression that it is the CFL.

TSN is not perfect of course, but is anybody, group, org, business, govt, etc?

I am very thankful for TSN providing us with every game on tv with very little conflict.

All the rest is just details.

Amen to that

IMHO, other than rod black, TSN does a great job broadcasting the games. As for country music, meh. Since you have stopped watching cfl, then it should be no big deal.

First post is a crap and run.

Wait. You’re saying that you’ve stopped watching the CFL because some of the term minute concerts at half time during Thursday night games have been Country & Western? Is that really what you’re saying?

You sound like my father, who has stopped watching curling, which he absolutely loves, because there are too many commercials. I don’t understand that either.

Yeah, the “I stopped watching football because I don’t like country music” troll is one of the weakest ever.

It can be and was much worse on the CBC, but I suspect you know that.

I for one really like TSN’s every game coverage, and I think it’s doing a great job.

After last night’s game, I have made a decision to stop listening to country music :smiley:

I use the mute button. A lot.

Nothing is worse than the CBC.
Leaving mid-game for a made-for-tv movie? No games aired at all beforw Labour Day? Leaving CBC behind was the best thing to happen to the league. Who would want to go back to that government-run beurocracy-ridden joke?

TSN covers every game, in its entirety. It costs next to nothing since its included with most basic packages. Aside from Rod Black and too much country (country music is a contradiction in terms, after all ), TSN does a pretty good production. Certainly miles ahead of the CBC schlok.


Can folks please stop dreaming about CBC … (1) they weren’t that good … and … (2) they are no longer are in the business of bidding for professional sports broadcast rights …

TSN is NOT included in most basic packages.
The telcos know that sports fans will pay to get those channels, so they are included in higher tier, more expensive, packages.

TSN is OK. Just wish they would show more games in 4K.