TSN/CTV screws the CFL

http://www.tsn.ca/nfl/news_story/?ID=20 ... ubname=nfl

Under terms of the deal, CTV secures the exclusive Canadian broadcast rights for the NFL regular season Sunday early afternoon game package (1 pm et), every NFL Playoff game, and for the first time ever, exclusive rights for the Super Bowl, the most watched single sporting event in North America. The deal covers the upcoming 2007, 2008 and 2009 NFL seasons and marks the beginning of a long-term relationship between Canada's #1 broadcaster and the NFL. In announcing the deal, CTV confirmed plans to deliver every NFL telecast in stunning High Definition. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

The agreement delivers the first ever Super Bowl broadcast on CTV. In fact, it's the first broadcast deal ever reached between the NFL and CTV.

"CTV is committed to growing an exciting partnership with the National Football League, a brand synonymous to Canadians with excellence and leadership," said Brace. "The NFL and its crown jewel, the Super Bowl, represent a strategic fit for CTV and we look forward to delivering all the exhilaration beginning September, 2007."

"We are very pleased to extend our partnership with the CTV family as they have been terrific programmers for us for many years. As a result of this agreement, more fans in Canada than ever before will have access to all the excitement of NFL football on Sunday afternoons," said Charles White, NFL Vice-President of International Media.

Today's announcement delivers a new-look and potent lineup for CTV Sunday afternoons. And for the first time in Canada, the Super Bowl joins The Academy Awards on the same Network schedule. It's television's #1 ranked entertainment special together with the #1 sports event; all part of CTV's upcoming 2007-2008 schedule.

"Securing a strong appointment brand like the NFL is in keeping with our program strategy of generating continued upward momentum across the entire CTV schedule," said Susanne Boyce, CTV President of Programming and Chair of the CTV Media Group.

Brace confirmed that CTVglobemedia is committed to providing unmatched multi-platform exposure of its NFL slate through promotion inside CTV's #1 ranked lineup and throughout its family of networks and services, including cross-promotional support and coverage on TSN, Canada's most watched sports network, and The Globe and Mail, Canada's #1 national newspaper. CTV's NFL rights package perfectly complements the suite of NFL rights held by TSN. This Fall, TSN will continue to deliver NFL regular season games as part of its 42-game broadcast package, including exclusive Canadian coverage of Sunday and Monday Night Football and the Thursday/Saturday package.

CTV will officially welcome the NFL to its daytime and primetime schedule on June 4 when Network executives present the Fall 2007 lineup to the advertising community.

every CFL fan wanted ONE weekly broadcast on CTV when the new TV deal was announced...but CTV prez. said they want ALL sports on TSN and will NOT show the grey cup on CTV....

then they turn around and do this.

i KNEW it was a mistake signing that exclusive deal with TSN/ CTV

this just proves me correct when i said the Board of Clowns made a BIG mistake not listening to the CBC/Global tv offer, which was $20M per year....instead they took $16M and shot themselves in the foot signing with the shady CTV.

they give the american game National coverage but not the canadian game....makes me sick!...AND they control all CFL online content starting next year....

Relax. It's a business deal, nothing personal. I'm guessing the NFL draws more viewers than the CFL. CTV is a privately held business which means it has to get the biggest bang for its buck. The vast majority of Canadian homes have TSN anyway.

The best thing for the CFL is to attract more fans and the best way for that to happen is word of mouth. We are the best marketers the league has.

your guess is wrong....CFL's reg.season canadian ratings are almost 2ice that of the NFL's reg.season canadian ratings.

which makes this even more of a slap in the face.

If anything, this can be an opportunity for cross marketing. During NFL games they can run CFL adds and vice versa. Hence attracting football fans of both leagues to both products. The leagues are not in competition. I would look for Global to now step in and purchase some Fall sunday games from TSN if they are made available, especially now with Asper’s involvement in the bombers.

Why the need to insult the Board of Govenors? Why the need to describe CTV as slapping the CFL in the face? If you want more people to become fans of the league, then acting like an ambassador would be a good start.

cuz the board of govenors do what they always do...take quick cash over long term health of the league.

TSN/CTV waved $16M in thier faces and they snatched it up without listening to other offers...

had they listened to other offers, they woulda been offered $20M from global/cbc and used that offer to get more money from tsn/ctv.

the very least, they shoulda pushed to have 1 weekly game on CTV.

instead our national game isnt carried nationaly for free...the american game is.

They did?

I didn't

This deal is for 1pm games on Sunday (and playoff games).

Most CFL games are during primetime evenings. The CFL only has three 1pm games this year.

I don't get the disparaging. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

I'm very happy with the TSN deal.

Unprecedented money for CFL on the netowrk that provides the best produced coverage.

It's all good in my books.

Who cares about all these hijacking networks..

And for the first time in Canada, the Super Bowl joins The Academy Awards on the same Network schedule. It's television's #1 ranked entertainment special together with the #1 sports event; all part of CTV's upcoming 2007-2008 schedule.
I think this passage captures the true significance of the announcement. Heaven forbid we should have to change the channel in between watching the Superbowl and the Oscars. Life will be so much simpler for all Canadians next February now that this complexity has been removed from our lives.

This deal is a lot more difficult than it appears on the surface.

1)Anyone can say what they would of paid after the fact i.e. the apparent $20 per CBC/Global offer after the new deal was signed. Who knows if you would have gotten that.

  1. The CFL anticipated a huge fight between the two groups for the NHL Hockey Night in Canada rights. Which would of had one group pay top dollar and then the losing group left over to pick up the CFL at any price they wanted. So the CFL went with a strong/safe deal to advoid the potential above.

Good points whoknows.

I mentioned my comments on the main board. Agree Captain about whoknows comments.

To the doomsayers, lighten up please. We're not talking about real problems like the networks imposing backouts or not covering games at all.

An Argo-Cat fan

No matter how much money CBC/Global waved under
the so called Board of Clowns shiny red noses

the CFL couldn’t sign a contract with them.

If you followed this story
closely last year, drummer_god

you would know that CTV/TSN
is even shadier than that.

When the CFL signed the previous contract with them,

CTV/TSN had an exclusive rights clause
in it regarding further contracts
for future coverage of CFL football.

End of story.

I've also just thought that with CTV now really into football both sides of the border, this has made Ted Rogers nervous at Sportsnet and they have also just signed on with the NFL for 4:00 pm games and, as well, with Ted apparently saying he is trying to get an NFL team for Toronto, which could be just all smoke trying to deflect the gains CTV/TSN is making with football. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong here about this nervousness potential with Sportsnet but I do find it interesting that they are going after the NFL as well. Although could be nothing more than just they have to since it is very popular, I don't know.

Alright... after having a second read I feel chumped on the issue.

CTV is giving the NFL the grand stage of their top network and free airwaves every week and for the Super Bowl while the Grey Cup and entire slate of CFL games are relegated to a paid specialty cable station.

Now I know Tom Wright quoted audience quality over quantity but the NFL is definitely getting a competitive advantage especially considering the promotion it is going to get across all of CTV Globemedia's platforms.

I don't see it as 'relegated' at all joedav. Remember on TSN you will have time for pre-game, post-game stuff etc, it's a sports channel so you will get a better package than if it was on CTV where they will have to cut out for regular programming quickly. That's my take on it, maybe a smaller audience but a more focused audience because they want to be there and the whole game package is longer and more dedicated.

Good point Earl... I just think it would be ideal to have all that in-depth coverage and the game over the free airwaves. I think in the world f advertising and sports. You can cover your 'quality' audience with acheiving a high quantity of viewership.

Yes, ideally it would be great to have all of this on free airwaves. But not workable. I mean, you have a game starting at 4:00 EST and ends at 7:00. Well, if this is a Saturday or Sunday, then a regular CTV channel is gearing up for the Saturday or Sunday night movie or big show which would kill a CFL game in ratings. Heck, even Monday Night Football had to be eventually taken off regular ABC because it couldn't compete with regular shows. So better to be on the all sports station I think where they still might have to go to sports news after the game but the CFL game might be the first news story and you still have your viewers or you get other sports viewers just tuning in to catch up on sports of the day if they haven't been watching.