TSN Crew Performance and Grades / Bashing Rod Black

Maybe this subject is worth it's own new thread this season?

I've already said some of what I have to say in the game threads on each crew, and here are my grades and comments. Have at it as well.

Week 1

Black and Forde: D
The performance was clumsy at best with odd drifts into homoerotic comments and various shortcomings of grooming and personal hygiene. It seems obvious to me that they mailed it in when training in the offseason, but Forde is at least working hard on a new look with the facial hair and might be training secretly for a lucrative endorsement by Gillette with its free blades for life grand prize. This act needs a serious amount of work and film study this week. Queue up Gord Miller to spell Black whilst he recovers for a few weeks perhaps?

Cuthbert and Suitor: B
It's hard to keep an audience engaged in the first half of the late game when the action is boring, but they were trying way too hard. Otherwise obviously they trained hard in the offseason and seem to be well on their way to continued solid performances.

Homoerotic. What?

Uh, maybe I'm just not looking for this kind of stuff.

Come on, the way they went on about Giguere, the "physical specimen." :smiley:

My one complaint is Rod Black...nothing against him personally just maybe calling a different sport other than football would be best for Black.

I'm just gonna say this: Rod Black's "rock hard body" comment needs to go in the Hall of Fame of bad commentary. :smiley:

Not sure if anyone else caught it, but in the Cats game, my favourite Black comment.... "We'll get a better look at that Dwight"

Followed 2 sentences later with Stalla being "Mr. Sticky". That just made it worse.

I heard both those comments but it didn't really phase me at the time.

It does sound a little suspicious now that you mention it :lol:

I wonder what "Dwight" though of it.

Blacks comments will never beat what Dan Durazio a coach of the Lions said on the Radio about Dean Valli


Ya, that is a bit disturbing.

The worst Rod Black quote I heard was from a few years ago, when during a Toronto/Winnipeg game, he busted loose with "Well, they don't call it Winnipeg for other reason than they like to win".

Last night's gem was "he went to a CFL game and an aussie rules football kick broke out!"

My only theory to his continued employment doing CFL games is that he's in possession of some very compromising photos of some TSN/CTV higher-ups. There is no other explanation.

oh god...
it was like a howard stern moment...but funnier...because it was real

I wouldn't think Black is going anywhere. He didn't last year. I view it all as comedic relief at this point though really.

Quite right. It leads to these "Black" threads we all enjoy to post on. Also now that I think on it... it brings all fans of every team together!!! We all have a common "target" and that is Rob Black. Oh my god, Rob Black is pulling the CFL as a legue together. {insert happy face stunned look here}

Rob Black is the CFL Messiah!!! 8)

lol paolo. I thought the same thing about his comments regarding Giguere. Did anyone watch the pre-season game last week between hamilton and winnipeg? Black and Dunnigan on commentary.. Black started on about GIguere and old matty,all he said was "MAN CRUSH". shut black right up really.

I love Rod Black!!! . We should all get T-shirts .

:lol: ROFL

Week 1, Toronto at Edmonton

Black and Ford: C-

Black basically cheered on his damn Argos the whole game and he reminded us most of the game about the trade for Ricky Ray after rehearsing his lines all last night in his trailer. Black also revealed his new man-crush for Jeff Johnson by calling him "quite a specimen" with regard to his conditioning. :? Forde was reasonable and on good behaviour to bring up their grade and really put up with Black trying to outdo his antics from the first night but still coming up short and thus pulling barely into the C-range. Gord Miller we're waiting!

I caught the Johnson comment, and I didn’t mind it, but I loved how it was put at halftime…basically ‘shut up about Ray already…Why is nobody talking about no Messam’

That was gold

LMAO. Thanks for that. Never heard that one.