TSN Coverage

I love the 5 hours of coverage but my god Brian Williams is past his best before date - such an ass, overly dramatic buffoon. I,d love to see a shakeup at TSN. Get some young people in there!

He did press the commissioner and attacked his stance on concussions with his interview but he is over the top at times .

I do not need 5 hrs of coverage.

Just the game.

I have stated this before., Brian Williams was good in the 80's and 90's but as you say, way past his due date.

He is bad, boring and irritating.

I love the pregame talk. if there wasn't 5 hrs you would be complaining about the coverage the grey cup gets.

TSN has done an amazing job all week and especially Grey Cup Saturday!

Brian Williams is a legend and does a great job. Most respected sports journalist in the business.

Hey rookie. Thanks for joining and telling me what I should think. :roll: :roll:

TSN Radio has just mentioned that Burris injured his foot during the warm up.

Harris might be starting depending on how serious it is.

Ah the indestructible Hank who is NEVER injured has been injured TWICE this season (pinky and now his foot). My guess is that Hank will do all he can to start and at least play a portion of the game. And then again maybe not - just saw Harris as part of the OTTRBs captains at the coin toss.

Really?? You must be a relative.

I agree - he's had his day. But TSN only uses him sparingly during the season. His piece on Mylan Hicks and his mom were tear-drenching! Mylan's mom - whatta woman!!

Hank will go as long as he can - Campbell better be on point when he takes The Hankster out and inserts Harris into the fray!

is that not what you are doing to the rest of us? thank you.

It is so simple.

Those of you who can tolerate 5 hours of useless blather, enjoy. :roll:

Those of us who just want the game and perhaps a 1 hour pre-game , that is our chosen option. :thup:

It works for both sides.

TSN's coverage - like the game - excellent!

Replays - especially with the zoom replays they were showing - always gave us great views of any close plays.

A telecast TSN and the CFL can be proud of.

If you don't like the 5 hours of coverage you don't have to watch it. I don't. It's real simple.

That is what I just said.

Thank you for agreeing with me. :thup:

I found the pre-game show to be extremely well done. I was tuned into it and NFL and watching NHL games back and forth. And I found myself surprisingly watching the TSN countdown show a lot more. segments were awesome. Some were recorded from previous sports centre segments but I enjoy the behind the scenes and the locker room interviews and miced'up segments.

I also loved the story of the Redblack fan club. That was a hoot!

That's funny, the guy sits through 5 hours of coverage and then complains that they should cut it down to one hour.

I would like to have seen even a one hour pre-game, the game was televised in the US on ESPN2 and their coverage began at 6:30 , we did get to see the National Anthem, the flypast and the coin toss.

This was embarrassing, I mean really, Its the Championship Game televised around the World for crissakes!