TSN Coverage of Stamps Game

Too boring, he was a good cure for my insomnia last night... :lol:

You guys like Khari Jones on the sidelines, he is like Millington marble mouth plus brutal questions.

Yeah, but remember he just started and will learn , which is more that I can say for any of the commentators for this league…

Chris Cuthbert is the best by a country mile and even though Suitor talks alot, he is informative.

I agree I think Khari is better then the stooges they have on there now!

....quote from Cuthbert when Childress or one of the heavy-weight Sask. players fell on a fumble....Chris : ' SOMEONE MUST HAVE THREW A STEAK DOWN THERE THE WAY HE WENT AFTER THAT ONE"... lol lol Suits was killing himself laughing...Cuthbert you are the BEST thing to happen to tsn broadcasts for quite awhile...keep it going...i.m still chuckling to myself after that comment.. :lol: :lol:

CBC's loss is definitely TSN's gain. I wonder who the boneheads were who decided to cut him loose at CBC. He can do NHL as well, and there no better play-by-play guy than Cuthbert. A totally stupid move by CBC to let him go. Hughson is a good one also , but I find him arrogant.

There has been a written rumour how the peoples network and which has been costing the taxpayers to the tune of $1B per year is slowly getting out of the sports business.
To the point how it is expected its show piece Hockey Night in Canada will be lost/or dropped during the next contract. Ditto for the CFL to include the Grey Cup.

i've heard ctv wants nhl REAL BAD!! and they are willing to pay!

ive heard nothing about cfl though.

There would be no advantage fot CTV to do CFL gmes. TSN is doing it and they're attached at the head.

Good idea!

I thought I was going to be happy when I saw Flutie filling in for Walby. Boy was I wrong! He's just as bad. Usually I can tolerate Suitor, but sadley I have to admit, he was equally annoying, and his comments smacked of being a bit of a "Homer".

Why are colour commentators so hard to find?

How about Daved Benefield for a shot? Years ago he had a cable show on Shaw when he played in Vancouver. I thought he was well spoken. He couldn't be any worse than what we got.

Makes me want to see a strike at CBC and TSN again. I think I like the silence and the back ground PA guy than what we currently have!