TSN coverage is terrible in my view

I really don't care if the OP was a troll, semi-troll or autobot troll. The premise of his/her post was correct. TSN football is borderline unwatchable. Only part of it (a significant part mind you) is Rod Black . . . . . the direction, overall camera positioning and poor decisions to focus on trivial matters makes it thus.

The other false positive is that writing a letter to TSN tall foreheads will generate action. It won't. TSN rarely responds to external pressure - they're mostly locked-in hobos and miscreants that are very happy to work to rule and be totally ignorant to change.

The fact Rod Black has been employed for over 10 years speaks volumes.

There would be a bit more of a force against TSN if other networks (SN), broadcasters (Timid Sid, Bob Mcown, Husky Lawless, Dunigan, Stegall, etc. expressed outrage at how inept certain things at TSN football are. Especially Dunigan and Milt - those two guys are pretty brave souls throwing rocks at Henry Burris - but they're fully badged cowards when it comes to speaking against the ineptitude of TSN Football. They're terrified and they know it. No other explanation is possible!

Do you have a source to back up your claim that Dunigan and Milt are upset with the on air product ? You're making assumptions that Milt and Dunigan feel the way you do.

No direct reference at this time. However, TSN personnel are all subject to the firing squad if they speak up negatively about other TSN personnel. That's why guys like Michael Landsberg were huge heroes attacking guys like Phil Simms and John Madden but are goldfish when it comes to miscreants like Black, Forde, the directors, etc.

Usually it's the debatable penalties that aren't shown in replay. Is it because the network doesn't want to make waves, pointing out the potential mistakes by the officials? (Or is it prevented from doing so as part of the broadcast licensing contract?) Or is it because the TSN crew are simply unaware that a controversial call was made?

While Rod Black is the Ted Baxter of TSN broadcasters - his awareness disability is profound - the remainder of TSN non on-air personnel also bear the responsibility for diminished awareness, bordering on lack of knowledge or perhaps laziness.

And when I said crew, I meant both the on-air and the behind-the-scenes crews.

I suspect it may be an "all of the above" answer.

I know this is only wording, but this headline on TSN.ca just doesn’t look right.


Instead of saying the NFL is back, the headline is Football is back. For the Broadcaster of the CFL to have a headline like this, just doesn’t make since to me.

I get, after labour day, we have CFL, NFL, NCAA and CIS, but this type of headline should just not be happening. It is completely ignoring the fact that the CFL has been providing football highlights for months.

TSN has been coasting for a number of years - using the same graphics, having Black on play-by-play instead of in-studio for pre-game and halftime where he would be more suited, not hiring better color analysts, refusing to spend money on cameras with a greater number of frames-per-minute so the audience and the review crew in Toronto are not subject to blurry images on close-calls (this one really gets me - how they refuse to spend a few hundred thousand dollars on technologically superior cameras) and better staff of the cameras and the production trucks that will not subject the audience to uncomfortably long shots of players on the bench.

And then there's the worst possible use of a camera, the close-up of the ball in flight. What is the point of this? Zoom out, and show the receiver and DB fighting for position on the ball. Much more interesting, IMO, and would provide another angle for the review official.

I wish TSN would show the crowd reaction after plays more often than they do.
Showing a shaky frame job of coaches on the sidelines or 3 replays of the same play is unnecessary.
I want to hear the crowd and see the atmosphere.
This might encourage people to get out to the stadium an enjoy it for themselves.

Replays are getting scarce lately. Get a close play and a challenge flag and its off to commercial. Hell, get a close play and we get yadder from the guys, perhaps a far away camera view and then its off to the next play.

TSN has dropped off and its getting worse under Orridge.

They can show 4 different angles of a TD, but get a questionable penalty call or just a questionable call and nothing.

TSN is getting cheap. Do they fly Milt in and out every week? The amount they save there could help pay for some extra production if they do.

Yes, a game is afoot regarding showing viewers replays. As far as Milt & Matty are concerned I suspect TSN tall foreheads think that they have a "Grapes Factor" with Milt, Dunnigan, etc. (ie. that many viewers look forward to the banter, silliness and occasional analysis Rod & The Panel provide. I suspect Burris's agent already has an offer for panel work by his client - once Hank pulls the plug on his lengthy field career.

Hank on the panel? Have you been paying attention lately?

Hank's a character - especially when he's in Hankenstein mode. Despite some minor riffs with current panelists he'd be welcomed with open arms; especially if Mr. Schultz has to take extended leave.

Can u imagine what fun (and silliness to be sure) a panel of Rod Smith, Mattster, Milt & Hank could have? :cowboy:

Agreed, when Hank finally retires a position with TSN seem obvious.

If he is man enough to apologize to the guys on the panel, that were just doing their job in critiquing his play along with every QB in the league. I’d rather not have him, he has shown his true colour’s .

They'll kiss and make up once one of the tall foreheads at TSN brings Henry in for his introductory meeting. Too much money on the line - this is Milt's only job and probably Matt's main source of income. Big bonus is Hank decides to live in Canada (Toronto or Ottawa) so TSN doesn't have to cargo him in from parts unknown!

You can see a difference in the TSN NFL feed tonight. They must have many more HD cameras compared to what we have here in Canada.

Do you think the unlimited MONEY, ESPN/MNF has to produce its product, compared to TSN may have something to do with it ? :roll:
Some how we all survived watching football before 1 HD camera was doing the game, some how he will soldier on !!!!!

Heh, yeah I remember when we used to have John Wells call every game. Even Rod Black sounds great in comparison.

Then we had Cuthbert and Suitor call every game. Cuthbert was and is great, IMO, but many of us grew weary of Suitor after hearing him 4 times a week. Now that they have multiple crews, it allows Suitor to better prepare for fewer games each week, and makes his voice/personality less tiresome.

That's not say TSN can't or shouldn't improve (personally, I'm a bit tired of the crew-doing-goofy-things-in-the-background schtick), but they've come a long way since the John Wells days.