TSN coverage is terrible in my view

I love the CFL. I actually got 2 shots at it, (many, many years ago!!). I got to play with Blake Nill for the Hanna Rams.

I don't watch NFL. I don't like it, but I have to say 'goodbye' to my favourite sport. I can't watch it through TSN. They are just horrific!!

The last game I watched, in the first five minutes, the DH (H stands for 'head', I'll leave the D up to you) director missed 3 snaps and an interception. How is watching 12 helmets entertaining?

Here is a letter I sent to TSN:

To Whom It Concerns:

Your telecast of the CFL is horrendous, in my opinion. It's as if the director only knows how to capture an individual, and not the entire field. Here is a question for you; how much actual game do we get to watch? In Winnipeg's game, we don't even get to see a penalty call; we get to see the reaction of Coach O'Shea. 20 - 30 seconds of watching a player who obviously does NOT want to be videoed just sit there, looking at the top of his head. This director must be a super genius. What an incredible shot! Who would have thought; that 'Art School' diploma is finally paying off!!

I am forced to watch this through somebody else's eyes who obviously has no idea about the game. You don't get to see the good plays develop, because these 'music video' want to be's can only get the nose hairs. Jump, jump, jump, from one camera to another. What exactly is the purpose; to give me a feeling of being IN the game?

Not only that, these so called 'experts' are missing more and more good game coverage, BECAUSE, they can always cover it in rerun.

WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!

They try to make themselves more important than the game. You know why?? They were never good enough to play in it!!! They pretend as if they know, but that's all they do; pretend!!

I will continue to contact you with my views in hopes that I can get these DH Director people relegated to the bush leagues where they belong, and TSN starts recognizing its responsibly to the viewer, to give us good coverage like you used to do with professionals in the booth directing.

I will be happy to take your call.

Jody Fireman (Mr.)

TSN has responded in as slow a way as possible. I have asked for the contact information as to the person responsible, but these award winning directors refuse to contact me.

I'm really sorry, but I can't take it. I get so angry at NOT seeing the game.

I have to say goodbye. You guys were and always will be the greatest!!

Not much of a fan, if you stop watching because TSN's camera work isn't to your liking.
Instead of giving up, you could just go to a game, and watch it live.

Not sure if you are trolling but your letter is too long and poorly written. If you want to send something, I would send the following...

[b]To Whom It Concerns:

TSN's telecast of the CFL is horrendous. TSN spends too much time concentrating on individual players and misses the bigger picture - the game itself. As someone who played football professionally, this approach lessens the viewing experience. Until this changes, I will not be watching.

Jody Fireman (Mr.)


The CFL is trying to promote the players so I doubt your letter will be well received.

I don't find that the OP's points are all valid. I don't feel I'm missing anything. Sure the odd glitch. For me its the brutal instant replay, camera quality, angles ect.

Watch the NFL, watch the Olympics and see how good the slow motion is. The CFL has been around long enough and should be able to master the instant replay quality that every other sport has done already.

My favorite is when they blow up a still frame in to a gigantic blur trying to determine whether or not the ball was complete or not.

Well FYI. TSN does not control the main camera in the games. That belongs to a house camera operative.

Second. TSN coverage of CFL is on par with any other sport shown on TSN like hockey or basketball,etc.

TSN has always had a mickey mouse operation with the production of sports. CBC was much superior and with HNIC being taken over by Rogers we all sports fans realized now how good CBC people were at their job.

With music, graphics, productions,etc

But TSN is not bad.

It had been a few days since we'd had a "I love the CFL but..." single-post noob. I'd almost started to miss it. but not quite.

I don't care who controls the camera's. It's the TSN logo I see when watching the game.


Good one! Usually an indication of a troll.

Lol read my mind...it was getting weird around here without one.

My only piece of advice, if you are going to write to a company and hoping for a response, you should probably try and not be a complete d-bag when writing it.

What an odd complaint of all things, CBC did it better but it's not like we are watching a Cable 14 production.

Also like how he had to pump his tires a bit saying he got a try out in the CFL once upon a time like this gives him some sort of credentials, then he is tears into a group of guys that include Duane Forde, Matt Dunigan, Glen Suitor ... yet he claims they all could never play in the league. Correction, sounds like you, along with close to 100% of us on this forum, could not play in the league.

"WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!

They try to make themselves more important than the game. You know why?? They were never good enough to play in it!!! They pretend as if they know, but that's all they do; pretend!!"

Ahhhhhh, you are the joke my friend.

I am always suspicious of NEW posters. And, like QQ said, when they start off with "I love the CFL but" my radar goes off.

TSN's coverage of the CFL is exceptional, probably better than the league deserves considering the ratings and return on investment for TSN. They are light years ahead of the CBC, which used to be much better at one time, but their production values slipped considerably over their last 10 years of televising CFL games.

I agree that the coverage is terrible. Borderline unwatchable.

Lazy, uninterested camera-folk with lazy, uninformed announcers. No respect for what's transpiring on the field, no ability to keep the viewer up to speed in-game. Replays galore, missed plays, absurd dead-TV shots of coaches on the sidelines instead of focusing on the action. Nothing but the most minimal infographics. Comparing TSN to the CBC in order to praise TSN's coverage is absurd. The CBC is not a sports-dedicated network -- TSN is. And the product they put out every week is an insult to CFL fans, from the camerawork to the announcers to the studio "analysis." :thdn:

It's subjective, I have no big issue's with their coverage. TSN doesn't have the deep pockets of their american counterparts. They do the best they can and thats fine. If people don't like it, go do something else. They broadcast every game and saved this league when it was in big trouble. They're not perfect but big deal , not like it's the end of the world, if you didn't get 7 replays on a close play. I can watch all 4 games this weekend on TSN .That's good enough for me. The whining on this topic sounds like a kid who didn't get the right kind of iPad for xmas !

Well said. :thup:

More like Troll Fireman :roll: this guy is way,way,way to obvious and trust me he won't be heard from again just like the majority of first time , only time posters that seem to pop up in here on a regular basis lately. Even his name is suspect I mean what the hell, a Fireman , seriously ? what's the matter Jody was Postman Pat already taken ? :lol:

All in all, I find their coverage pretty good. They almost never miss a play, although they occasionally (less that once a game) join a play late.

My biggest complaints are:

  • They often don't show the plays forming, and almost never show the pre-snap defensive formations, choosing instead to focus on individual players, often not even those on the field;
  • The commentators don't seem to know the rules, which is odd given that the colour commentators all played in the CFL at some point.

Other than that, I like what I see. I especially appreciate that they broadcast every game of the season. I would, however, like to see them add at least one Ticat preseason game to their broadcast schedule.

Huh? Yes TSN does control their 'main' camera. For one thing there is not one 'main' camera. Depending on the stadium TSN cameras - are placed in different places - but usually there are three different cameras that they would use for live plays from scrimmage. One is placed at centrefield and one each somewhere between each 25 - 35 yard line. The exact spot depends on the stadium they are in.

It is not an 'in house' camera that TSN doesn't control that they use for their game broadcasts. It is their cameras and their professional cameramen whose work we watch on each CFL telecast.

When it is not being used as the main live camera those other two cameras are often used for isolation on certain players or part of the field at the direction of the TSN director.

For example just two quick screen grabs from the last Ti-Cats - Lions game. One from one of their 'main' live play cameras clearly placed around the 30-35 at BC Place stadium. The second shot from the TSN camera at midfield.



My biggest complaint, other than Rod Black, is they often don't show replays of penatly calls and sometimes don't even tell us there was a penalty or what it was.

The thing I always wonder about is why do they show the coaches so much? After every play they focus on one coach or the other, I guess looking for some kind of reaction, instead of showing the players. When I'm at the games, I rarely look at the coaches. Other than Rod Black not paying attention, overall TSN usually does an OK job.